Residential real estate market Kharkov: results in 2010

14.01.2011 09:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | Residential real estate market Kharkov: results in 2010 During December 2010 the average cost of square meters of primary residential property for the city

Kharkov increased slightly - to 1120 USD (0,51%).

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As of early January 2011 in the primary housing market have been recorded following the cost of housing classes: "Premium" - 1722 U.S. dollars.
"Business +" - 1234 U.S. dollars.
"Business" - $ 860.
"Economy" - 665 USD.

Over the past month decline in the average price of sq. m. primary residence in U.S. dollars was only for "premium" and "business class" - on 0,11% and 1,18% respectively. The average cost of square meters of housing in the homes of class "Business +" increased by 2.62%, and homes "economy class" - on 0,52%.

The dynamics of price indices was due to changes in the dollar, the dynamics of construction and marketing strategy, market operators.

Of the 15 sites of the primary residential real estate in Kharkov, scheduled for completion in 4 square meters. 2010, as of 9/1/1911, it was handed over to 8 (according to the media and telephone survey of market operators). In this case, legal documents confirming the commissioning, were represented in the media for only two objects.

The average cost of Proposition 1 m secondary housing for Kharkov in December showed the fall - 3,21% in dollar terms and at the beginning of 2011 amounted to $ 882

U.S., UAH equivalent reduction was 2.92%. In December, the volume of supply of apartments has decreased by about 18%. Active buyers on the eve of holidays was reduced to a minimum, forcing the remaining apartments in the market sellers to lower asking prices, as well as seek other ways of influencing customers to carry out transactions on their sites in the past year.

Julia Kostyuk - Analyst SC Proconsul "
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