Rental cottages near Kiev is becoming more popular, especially in the short term

31.08.2010 09:57
Real Estate Market Analysis | Rental cottages near Kiev is becoming more popular, especially in the short term Real estate professionals at a loss: there is a huge demand for rental dacha near Kiev in the summer, but the owners of houses in the garden cooperatives do not want to let outsiders, even if they themselves do not come to the country. People in the plain lose their ability to earn.

Lingering top

According to director of real estate agency "Roman and Lyudmila Lyudmila Bondarenko, almost all of suburban cooperatives near Kiev a lot of abandoned cottages, whose owners do not appear for years. Plots are overgrown with weeds and houses falling into disrepair. The appearance of at least some residents could revive "homestead", but the owners are not ready. "People do not realize that the tenants would have resulted in giving the order and would bring some money to the owners. If in the Crimea and the Carpathians surrenders every corner, in the Kiev region, people terribly passive "- she says.

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The maximum demand on the market rental villa there is the most inexpensive items - from 2-3 thous. per month. However, according to Lyudmila Bondarenko, these cottages near Kiev is very little. "Most of the proposals received for the rental villas at a price of 300-400 Euro per month and at home at the price of 1,2-2,5 thousand USD, - says the director of "trajectory" Irina Golovneva. - Less receives applications for rental houses cost 3-4 thousand USD a month. "

As described in "Trajectory", in their base is the cheapest offer - giving 80 years of construction in the village Dymer Vyshgorodskiy region. Rental value of the three-room house with outdoor kitchen, utilities (except gas, but with gas bottle), furniture 90 years and the lake is 200 meters - 270 USD per month plus utilities. Over the past three weeks, experts of the company leased two cottages - in Khotyanovka and foresters on the 300 and 450 cu These cottages are fit for habitation, has gas, water, kitchen, bedroom, and parts go to the lake shore. Another house of post-Soviet buildings, located behind Borodyanka, but in a beautiful location close to lakes and forests, was commissioned for $ 200

The maximum demand on the market rental villa there is the most inexpensive items - from 2-3 thous. per month
According to experts, the crisis problem usually becomes a place of permanent residence for citizens who rent apartments Kiev for solving financial problems. At the same time today, when foreign trips and long vacations are not available for many, summer in the country attract potential tenants. Especially with the problem in the 30-kilometer zone from Kiev can go to work. The owners of summer cottages began to be aware of this, and now, for the first time in many years, potential tenants a chance to rent a cottage in high season. "Earlier in April, everything was dismantled, and in early June - indicate who that delivers what everyone takes off, then in 2010 in early July and new clients there, and on giving" - says Lyudmila Bondarenko.

Short term

Bright trend in 2010 was renting cottages for short periods. "Previously, tenants were interested in the main objects for 3-4 months or more, but this year it received many requests for 1-2 months", - said the director of "trajectory" Irina Golovneva.

According to observations by Ludmila Bondarenko, shorter lease due to financial difficulties of tenants, even if they take expensive and quality homes. "People who are not accustomed to living in a shed or without amenities, ready to save, delete the cottage for a short time, but they are not ready to abandon the usual comfort. Before giving took from April to October.
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