Rent suburban real estate is popular

20.10.2010 09:25
Real Estate Market Analysis | Rent suburban real estate is popular October will follow all the trends in September to increase supply, the availability of high demand for houses in Kiev and near suburbs, the willingness of lessors to make concessions. This is reported by market analysts. According to experts, the less popular segments, rental rates will slowly decline, while the most popular proposals remain at the same level.

"Activity in the market in September, compared with the summer months has declined, due to the end of the season (until March-April) and the almost complete lack of requests for short-term lease. However, the number of applications for long-term leases has increased compared to August. As in the past month, clients are interested mainly at home in the city and suburbs. However, many tenants are obviously waiting for the month of September, based on reduction in rental rates. For clients who want to rent a house long term and at a good price, came the "golden time". Firstly, the proposals have become much more, and secondly - the real rental rate in September was significantly below the "summer" prices. The owners have become more flexible, more willing to go on assignment, both in price and in terms of the lease: purchase a house right tenant of things, the provision of services maids, security guards and gardeners at the expense of rent, etc. As in the past month, in September, demand has concentrated on buildings with rental rates 1000 - 3000 cu ", - explained the Head of the lease of one of real estate agencies Olga Perkowski.

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She also noted that in September, the tenants have been set up primarily for long-term lease: 6 months and above. "Of particular interest, as in the last month, caused in Kiev and as close to the city private homes. In Kiev tenants of houses were reduced to the basic requirements of good infrastructure, especially the presence of nearby schools and preschool institutions. Were the most popular home ownership in the Crypt, Darnytskyi, Goloseyevsky and Solomenskiy areas. By the number of applications for suburban areas dominated Obukhov and Odessa area. The main requirement remains were: distance no more than 10-15 km from the city, the location in the cottage with the protection and maintenance of territory.

If you start from the rents, the greatest demand at home worth $ 1000-1500 in good condition, log "euro-level" price of $ 3000 with large houses adjoining areas, and are generally home-based business-class rental rates to $ 3000, - said the expert.

The average rent

In September, alleged rents for houses were stable. Average rents for houses offers economy class is $ 580 (in August - $ 583). For business class, the figure is $ 2300 (August - $ 2,297) for a premium - $ 6322 (in August - $ 6355).
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