Realities and trends in suburban real estate market

16.10.2010 18:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Realities and trends in suburban real estate market During the crisis, the real estate market to create and are created real wonders. In a sense, time reversed: Country market bounced off somewhere at the end of 1990, where vengeance samostroy flourished, prices and rents for apartments collapsed down, the central figure in the market became a buyer - a man with real money.

In a crisis there was a significant reduction in the cost of apartments all over Ukraine, so the buyers at this time there were ample opportunities to purchase real estate. The metropolitan housing market could find a studio apartment for 25 thousand dollars, whereas before the crisis, even the most ordinary-looking "odnushki" less than 60 thousand dollars is not worth it.

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Before the crisis, many people exposed to market facilities, claiming they unreasonably high prices. And if you were willing, the object is immediately removed from sale and later went on the market again, but with an already higher price. And so it could continue indefinitely, no one wanted to sell too cheap. And in a crisis, when many property owners were in a difficult situation, they have not played, and are actively selling their items.

Reputable buyers
Buyers are just estimating the number of offerings on the market, the crisis began to ask unprecedented discounts. There were even buyers and wholesalers, ready at a discounted price to buy several apartments in new buildings.

Many buyers have adopted a waiting position in the market, not daring to buy houses in the cottage in hopes of further price declines. And housing really became cheaper, the choice of the boundary is expanding, but, as noted by the director of financial companies, "Global Capital" Larissa Gavrish, in some cases, this process is delayed in time and not led to real deal. Bidding process, carried away buyers, in many cases do not end with the purchase of real estate.

During the crisis, fell and rental rates for apartments and houses in Kiev and its suburbs. People without material losses increased living space, improved the geographic features and quality apartments.

Some tenants could negotiate with the owners already rented housing on the lowering of rates - at least for a period of crisis. "Phone the agency glowed from consultations - said the expert. - The main question was from the owners: to reduce rents or leave employers? And many choose the "bird in the hand, reducing the rates for business class apartments immediately by 25-30%."

Passion to change places
Arise and situations arise: Kievites move from their apartments in the cottage of the Kiev region, or vice versa people from regions frequently travel to Kiev.

At present, formed quite steady, though not too big stream of retirees seeking a more relaxed and, importantly, cheaper life. And such people, many of whom in his youth moved to the center of the province, without any loss of status hesitate to metropolitan residents, gladly moving to a more quiet, climate-friendly, cheap in terms of accommodation and peaceful place.

Sale of assets

At the suburban real estate market in crisis clearly a trend to sell plots without a contract. Developers are going to build a cottage villages, abandoned their plans and began to sell the land without the commitment to build.

Owners of large tracts, which acquired them in order to preserve funds, have begun surveying the land and sell at retail. Market participants noted that the crisis in the sale of land for many was the only way to make a profit. However, some experts expressed concern that the sale of plots will result in the chaotic building of 1990-ies and towns will again remind the "Shanghai" in terms of appearance and conception.
Victor Kovalenko
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