Real Estate Market Zhytomyr-2010

16.12.2010 12:27
Real Estate Market Zhytomyr-2010 @ Zhitomir real estate market for 2010 has not brought us any surprises and shocks, "- said Sergey realtor Forest.

Real estate prices this year ranged from 10% property value. In early 2010, house prices suddenly started to fall. This was due to the Christmas holidays, crisis and decline in lending, writes Journal of Zhitomir.

During February - April, prices fell by 10-15%. One-bedroom apartments Khrushchev in the early years were worth 25,000 - 26,000 USD, in some cases, an apartment could be found for the 22000 - 23000 USD

The same trend was observed with respect to market the entire property.

May - August prices have gone up a bit. Apartments grew in price by several thousand dollars. In connection with local elections in the real estate market a little bit still.

November - December - has brought us a little excitement and interest of buyers to sell the objects.

Currently, one-bedroom apartment in Zhitomir Khrushev worth 23,000 -27,000 cu Khrushev bedroom in a residential state 30000 - 35000 USD, two-bedroom Khrushchev can buy up to 40,000 cu Prices for apartments with improved design with little maintenance in the same configuration are on the 3000 - 5000 USD expensive.

The cost of private sector varies. Private sector, with one room can be bought from 13,000 cu without a plot, though the cost for such facilities will be on the street and this house should be propping up a stick and use the gas from the neighbors. The cost of the private sector with one room in good condition with a small plot of land is privatized from 20000 Euro The price of the private sector with two rooms, half of a house in fair condition with a plot of 5.3 hectare of privatized land with all facilities worth 30000 USD 40000 cu areas: "stockings", "Bohun", "Marianivka", "Kroshnya", "Korbutovka.

The cost of plots ranges from $ 1000 up to 3000 USD, the most expensive areas in the center, Korbutovka, Bohun, beginning Marianivka, Kroshnya, Field, Malevanka and suburbs.

The cost of villas in the suburbs range from 2000 Euro, it's a small shack "Uncle Tom" with a view of the field and the 5.3 hectare site.

Regarding the forecast for next year, that pricing will remain unchanged, will be a slight fluctuation of prices in the property market and larger shocks will not happen, so that our fellow white hair will not be added.

Rental housing could increase by 10-15%, as expected rise in utility bills. So that students and guests - tighten the belt.

Construction boom, we also will not, although it is possible embodiment of the youth programs and the expansion of construction in the district centers.

Acquisition of real estate is always good and serves as a positive and strengthening the family, so buy your property immediately.
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