Real estate market in Kiev is not

10.07.2011 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Real estate market in Kiev is not Kiev as the capital of Ukraine, is still attractive for life - find realtors and sellers of real estate in the Ukrainian capital. Statistics are not so optimistic - the number of transactions has been steadily decreasing, with the level of wages in the city, quality of infrastructure and comforts of life.

According to experts, real estate in Kiev is still overvalued at least one and a half to two times. When the price of the metropolitan housing equalized, there is a chance that the housing market will revive, as it is now not just dead, but it may be said, no, says tomorrow.

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The analogy here is quite simple. Assume nothing remarkable shirt is in the shop 100 hryvnia. This is a notional price. Correlate it with the standard 1-room apartment in a typical 16-etazhke Kiev, for which now they want $ 50 000. Plus or minus a couple of thousand. Shirt of the more expensive fabric in a trendy boutique is already 250 hryvnia or higher.

In our case, the apartments in new buildings and nadvizhimost elite class, which in Kiev is also easy for the same $ 50 000 for each board. Go ahead. In the second-hand carry, but it's still a decent shirt would cost the new owner on the strength of 40 hryvnia. In our case, this studio Xruschevka in which to do repairs around the house has no parking, no playground, and a five-meter kitchen evokes sadness and nostalgia for the Soviet dumplings. What is the strangest thing, for such an apartment also asking $ 50 000.

Is it any wonder that the shirts, as well as cheese, cars, mobile phones division in price depending on condition and quality of the product is, and the apartments there? We prozvanivatsya more ads. One of the apartment and simple housewives frankly stated that his one-bedroom apartment at 32 meters underground near Nivki she is willing to sell for 52,000 or less, because it wants to buy a big new building on a Poznyaky for the same amount, and others she had no money. Excuse me, but why would I buy a small apartment on Nivki if I'm in the same amount could buy a large, bright and clean? This proves that the real estate market in Kiev, in the traditional sense is not there.

Vendors currently can not add the price of Kiev accommodation, which a priori can not be expensive, considering the proximity of Chernobyl. In real estate agencies, too, the confusion and vacillation, because once at the peak prices of many realtors had a great job with the owners, trying to convince them of inestimable value to square meters. Now all has to do exactly the opposite, but not very successful - too quickly gets used to a good man and to deprive a person the feeling that he - a millionaire hard.

Therefore, real estate in Kiev is now in a state of stagnation deep, finding himself in a classic situation where the lower classes can not (no money and credits), and the tops do not want to (well, how to sell cheap - it's stupid).

Bring it all to a common denominator can be either rigid government regulations, what the government is not interested, many of whose members are firmly mired in the stigma of a cannon from the Kiev concrete. Or an external stimulus in the form of the collapse of the hryvnia, cataclysmic explosion of the political - any event that can cause life-review guidelines. 
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