Real Estate in Zhitomir stabilized

03.03.2011 09:43
Real Estate Market Analysis | Real Estate in Zhitomir stabilized When spring comes and the desire to realize all your dreams and plans.

This time can be compared with the end of the year - before the new year when we all try to complete all of the case and begun to lay the foundation for a serious endeavor. This also applies to real estate. At that time, many people are serious to continue his life in new apartments or houses, but someone he wants to build their dream home.

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I want to please all who want to buy real estate: market prices have stabilized a bit. This situation is due to increased demand.

Currently, one-bedroom apartment in a five-storey building (Khrushev) in Zhitomir is 23000 - 28000 USD For the acquisition of two-bedroom apartment to "lay out" 31000 - 35000 USD, and a three-room - up to 40,000 cu Prices for apartments with improved design (nine-storey buildings) has also decreased. If two months ago, one-room apartment with no repairs could be bought for 31,000 - 33000 USD, now, the cost of this apartment is in the range 28000 - 30000 cu. One bedroom apartment is available within the 40000-46000 USD, and two-bedroom - 45000-55000 cu

If you wish to purchase a private home with the amenities you will know that you have to pay not less than USD 60000-70000 In general, prices for private sector also fell slightly. Prices of building plots in the city range from 1500 USD up to 5000 cu for a hundred. The most popular districts in town are, of course, the center korbutovka, Marianivka. I note that the sale of private sector and land particularly enlivened in spring and summer.

For its part, would like to wish all the execution of all plans, good shopping and of course, good spring mood.
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