Real estate in new suburbs reduced

11.11.2010 10:34
Real Estate Market Analysis | Real estate in new suburbs reduced Near Kiev apartments are already selling for $ 30-40 thousand
Builders offer a cheap apartment, feeling a further fall in prices.

Autumnal flowering of the real estate market, and primary and secondary, despite numerous assurances of Realtors, we have not seen. Moreover, according to the prices in the "secondary housing" very few people buy an apartment, and reduce the price property owners refused, still believing in the promised improvement.

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Here it comes on the heels of developers who offer to buy an apartment without middlemen, saving thus the order of 5% of the purchase price. In addition, the new building - a new building, of course, the benefits of such housing is much greater. In addition, builders are now offering primary housing is cheaper secondary, and in fact the new should not be cheaper than the old one.

Most of this trend concerns the areas located near Kiev. And if the owners want to second home for one-bedroom apartment in Irpen $ 30-40 thousand, then the developers for the money offered is one bedroom with autonomous heating, but still give installments over several years.

In this situation, analysts have come to one conclusion - this is the last chance for the developers while leaving a sinking ship, because real estate will continue to become cheaper.

And when panic seized and secondary market prices, which will collapse to several tens of percent, the sale of new building is also complicated. And because developers are openly and beckoning the remaining customers with money to these savings are gone and then on the market, "secondary housing, which, according to their confidence, collapses in the near future.
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