Real Estate Dnepropetrovsk: Forecasts for the autumn

04.10.2010 09:43
Real Estate Market Analysis | Real Estate Dnepropetrovsk: Forecasts for the autumn Autumn is time when, after the holiday season or labor from farmers always revived real estate market. Growth in sales of apartments, houses and land has been almost every year, no exception will be this fall, judging by demand in August, which show potential buyers.

All market participants are frozen, some in anticipation of higher prices for homes, others in front, waiting for the next round of crisis and as a consequence of a new collapse in prices.

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Although in favor of the latter is only spoken of our domestic observers with a clear bias to customers, because the buyers most interested in a fall in prices.

The world economy is showing growth, and not only in the segment of production, but also the real estate market, and since we are always late in the half copy situation, the growth will certainly fall.

Pent-up demand of buyers own warm up the market, since, after waiting all summer and not buying the long-awaited meters, watching from a newly arrived entrants create a movement and as a consequence of a chain reaction of buying and selling apartments and houses.

More difficult to land as possible, get them in the spring for construction in the summer to the winter out in the finishing work inside the house.

And only the most experienced wait up to a maximum seasonal lows and buy land in the late fall, carrying construction next spring, but there's a certain amount of risk as the general trend of rise in price levels out seasonal decline in the purchase - sale of land.

Can not be said about the purchase of apartments, their demand is always growing to the top of the heating season, especially since banks have no excess campaign began to lend mortgages, and the spring will have to deploy it in full, and that is not unimportant, to lower interest rates, as a deposit, they've gone down to the real today.

Facebook frenzy that has already been unlikely we will see in the next 5 years, but people tend to quickly forget the bad times and hope for improvement, the more promises of a better life worked and the result will be visible in the fall elections to local authorities.

Fall election will be a litmus test in the real estate and a signal to the industry, so long being in a recession.

Construction industry will not tolerate waste of time and as a consequence of Finance, so the resumption of the construction industry will be evident in the spring of 2011, when all appointments will be held and the entire sector will work to complete.

So the most profitable time of the purchase of flats and the more country houses have for this fall, as the spring we will see what is already happening in the U.S. and Europe, slow growth against the backdrop of a slight drop from last year.

Residential real estate has lost 2 / 3 of its value, and so now the most accessible and attractive, as land in private ownership is always a competent investment, virtually for the price of apartments primary market.

Based on the percentage of foreign experience in purchase and sale of homes will increase in comparison with the purchase - the sale of apartments is only a matter of time, as they say, wait and see.
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