Ready cottages premium in Moscow have risen in July to 40%

01.08.2010 11:11
Real Estate Market Analysis | Ready cottages premium in Moscow have risen in July to 40% Rising prices of finished luxury villas and townhouses in the Moscow region reached in July, depending on the degree of completeness of the object, 30-40%, the study said the company IntermarkSavills.

As commented in the report, the spur to higher prices for real estate developers serve in the final month increase in construction status of their facilities.

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"Currently, developers are not reducing prices, calmly waiting for the mitigation of weather conditions and increased deferred seasonal demand. Moreover, some developers have increased the value of their liquidity (fully built) objects" - are contained in the materials the words of a senior analyst with research and monitoring IntermarkSavills
Olga Vinokurova.

The average dollar prices of suburban high-budget items, according to a report in July rose by only 2.3% - to 4,25 thousand dollars per square meter for houses and 3,12 thousand dollars per square meter for the townhouses.

"The average budget was bought in July 2010 the cottage was 930 thousand dollars (2% more than in June), townhouses - 560 thousand dollars for the object (2% more than in June)," - stated in the report.

It is that the extremely hot summer this year, a tangible impact on consumer activity, seasonal and long-awaited recovery in demand has not happened
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