Rating the most affordable housing in Odessa

16.07.2011 00:15
Real Estate Market Analysis | Rating the most affordable housing in Odessa Demand for cheap housing in Odessa exceeds supply. The reason, according to experts - increased prices for kommunuslugi, food, gasoline and public transportation, that is, in general price increase in living standards. "Ones" and Malosemeika to $ 25 thousand snapped "with a bang." As a realtor told us Alla Tuzovskiy, the downward trend in house prices has been going on for several years: "Last year alone, an apartment fell by 20%, and prices will drop gradually at the same rate."

"Today," using a sample of low-cost housing, compiled for us free ads Slando, based its rating of the affordable housing in Odessa. The area of ​​low-cost "of ones' wide - Cheryomushki, Lenposelok, Bugaevka, Slobodka, Moldavanka and settlement Kotovsky. Typically, the low price is justified by the questionable quality of the old fund, and in the latter area - the distance from the city.

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In this case, claim, realtors, customers are ready to move into any area, but would be a separate housing. "If earlier the" unity "is often taken as offices or for rent, you are buying for yourself or to grandparents from here" - the realtor told us Elena Voronkov. The hottest offer in our rating is flat at pr Dobrovolsky area of ​​20 sq. km. m in a 6-storey building. The hosts ask for accommodation of all ... $ 8 thousand, while arguing that the apartment - in good condition. The list of the cheapest and got in a new Dormitory on the street. Vysotsky (p Kotovskogo). Flat area of ​​30 sq. km. m with two balconies in a new brick house, with all communications and parkland around the house will cost $ 15 thousand, "It is true that the house had not yet delivered, but is fully prepared. It is expected the high liquidity of the lease ", - says Elena realtor.

On the street. Construction that Bugaevka can get a 15-meter apartment studio version for $ 16 thousand as we are assured, realtors, apartment only after overhaul. True, the area is not for the faint hearted, so the proposal does not enjoy popular.

An interesting option offered on the street. Marshal Zhukov. "An area of ​​20 square Minikvartira on the first floor of five-story building with studio kitchen after renovation. Near a supermarket, "- told us in the press service Slando. Came to our rating and the "Belgian" in the very center of Odessa, on the corner of Tolstoy and Nejinskaya. For high ceilings, boiler, armored door and excellent living condition would require $ 21 thousand, "The only disadvantage of this apartment, the kitchen is combined with a corridor. It no longer suitable for rental or for students or single people "- told us employee" Partner Estate "Alain. For the same price you can get an apartment on the street. Raskidaylovskoy whose area - 21 square.

Lead to the parameters of "price-quality" "unity" in a newly built housing estate "Seventh Heaven", that near promrynka "7 km." For $ 24 thousand you can get neat apartment with kitchenette, bathroom, wallpaper and refined pokleennymi local area. The first phase dealt this summer. "I went around all of Odessa, has considered all the offers at that price, but found nothing better. Like that get all the new and not to settle the bare walls, and fully ready for apartment living ", - said Alexander Nazarov, Odessa. True, citizens who do not have a personal car, the location of this housing is unlikely to suit.

"Municipality" for $ 10 000

Ideal for students or singles - "communal" in the center. Good location for housing and high ceilings, realtors asking $ 10 - $ 20 thousand So for 20 kv. m on the Grand Arnautskaya want $ 18 thousand $ 16 thousand to buy a room in a "commune" with three neighbors on the corner of Ave and Admiral's street. Krasnov. Of the benefits - 40 square meters. m. area, built-in furniture and major repairs. And only $ 8 thousand want for the 20-meter room in Tiraspol. As explained by Natalia Zharuk realtor, "commune" - a great prospect, "If it is on the ground floor - you can make the office. Later, if you allow the communication, it can be separated. "

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