Rating the most affordable apartments in new buildings of the Crimea

04.10.2010 00:01
Real Estate Market Analysis | Rating the most affordable apartments in new buildings of the Crimea Consulting Company RealEkspo conducted the study 167 built and constructed new buildings in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which is currently being sold.
According to the company "RealEkspo, the largest number of new buildings situated in Yalta (65), in second place with 31 new construction of Sevastopol, and Alushta in third place with 20 new buildings.

The ranking is based on trust. CEO Victor Kovalenko said: "In compiling the list, we relied on data portal-of-town and foreign real estate www.zagorodna.com, meeting the requirements of the rating. Currently based in suburban noovstroek portal has 352 objects.

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The list includes 10 selected experts "RealEkspo" newly Crimea. Objects that exist so far only in draft form, without a complete set of documents to start construction in the rankings. In addition, experts have excluded those objects, developers who have refused to provide the necessary information.

The main criterion in selecting a minimum cost of 1 sq.m of housing space and apartments.

TOP-5 of the cheapest apartments Crimea
Construction sites.
The cheapest square meters in the Crimea is a new development in Feodosiya on lane. Tankers ($ 510 / m). In this house you can buy and the smallest apartment in the area of 39 sq ft for "odnushku.
A total of $ 2 per "square" (512 U.S. $ / sq.m) different value in the new building in Evpatoria Ave Victory. There are offered for sale one-bedroom apartments ranging from 43 to 64 sq.m.
In Bahchisarae on the street. World, anyone can get 1-3k. apartments from 47 to 97 sqm value "square" $ 650.
Fourth place in the ranking of newly allocated in Sevastopol (Victory Park). They offer 1-4k. apartments with the cost of the "square" 687 dollars.
Fifth place in the ranking took a residential complex "Moscow" (Simferopol, Ul. Kama) with the value "square" $ 700.

Constructed facilities.
First place among the new buildings constructed by experts gave the house on the street. Chapaeva in Evpatoria with the cost of 867 dollars per sq ft
Second place at the new buildings on the street. Karl Marx in Kerch. It offers 1-5-room flats from 46 to 103 sq ft worth of the "square" $ 900.
Third place at the new buildings on the street. Trenev in Simferopol with the cost of $ 937 per sqm.
Fourth place in the ranking takes new building on the street. May 9 in Evpatoria. In it you can buy 1-3-bedroom partamenty ranging from 47 to 85 sqm worth 939 dollars per sq ft
The fifth stage of the rating newly constructed house went on the street. Bastion in Sevastopol. It sold apartments with area ranging from 42 to 170 sq ft cost $ 1000 per sqm
Conclusions: According to Victor Kovalenko, "The cheapest new buildings are located in Western Crimea.
Most accessible by the meter is a 1-bedroom apartment area of 39 sq ft in new building, located in Feodosiya on lane. Tankers.
The minimum cost of a "square" in architecture and building under construction differs by 357 dollars, or 42%.
The difference in the maximum cost of a "square" in the top 5 among constructed and built new buildings is $ 300, or 30%.
This confirms the conventional wisdom about investing in new buildings on the foundation stage investors who are confident in the developer or developers. "
View and purchase new buildings, you can by clicking the link https://www.zagorodna.com/ru/novostrojki-prigoroda/filter-region-1/

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