Property risks fall into a coma

19.02.2014 00:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | Property risks fall into a coma Neither revive sales or price growth in the near future should not expect. According to team leader in providing consulting services in real estate in Ukraine Sergei EY Kekukh demand for Ukrainian property is located in the status pending. Among the main obstacles affecting passive investors - the protracted political crisis , accompanied by the worsening economic situation and the lack of predictability of future developments .

anabiotic STABILITY

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On the one hand , according to the president of the League of Ukrainian Svetlana Bovsunovskoy experts , the share of the population with an average effective income - potential buyers fell from 10 to 5.3 %. On the other hand , today, most developers can not count on anyone. At a primary loans virtually not offered.

Support from Russia, which last several years through its banking industry helped shake Ukrainian real estate is gradually eroding . According to rumors , a division of many major Russian banks ( Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia , Prominvestbank VTB Bank ) received a secret order to limit lending to local construction companies. Observations on the President of the Union of Realtors of Ukraine Alexander Rubanova , in such circumstances the most difficult to operate small and medium-sized companies - developers.

"As for the secondary , even financial institutions , more ready to lend its maximum tightening requirements for borrowers to deny them for formal reasons . Give credit when uncertainty as to build up a portfolio of troubled debt , today nobody wants ", - says head of sales of LCD Park Stone Dmitry Shostya .

His contribution to the stagnation of the market making foreign exchange fluctuations . Although pleased with the fact that the opportunities for speculative price hikes due to exchange rate changes on the domestic real estate market is now available. Buyers are in no hurry to buy real estate or for dollars , nor for the current exchange rate of the hryvnia , expecting devaluation did pokachnet anabiotic market stability and apartment prices will collapse if not , then at least prosyadut . It was promoted adopted last year legislative initiatives : limitations of cash transactions National Bank the sum of 150 thousand UAH. , Property taxes , new rules for assessing and recording .

" Expect the price changes of supply and demand in real estate is really worth within three to four months. First react rentals . After a couple of months - the primary market , then - resale . Developers in this chain will last, who dares to revise prices, " - says a leading specialist marketing consulting company SV Development ( Kiev) Sergey Kostecki .

Now may be affected investors who have already purchased new apartments on installment terms . Although developers produce long calculations in local currency through cash payments , many still have the linking to the dollar , and all different . For example, PSG " Kowalska " focuses on the rate of NBU , " KAN Development " - on the interbank market , and some rates in UAH at the time of signing of the contract is determined by the rate of separate commercial bank serving the building.

Taki fall ?

However, experts warn that the dollar peg prices and landlords attempt to raise prices for residential real estate may end badly for them . Accounts for the lion's share of tenants of flats and houses economical and middle segment , and pay for the difference of the course they are not ready . " Starts a new wave of migration , as people will look for affordable housing" - predicts realtor AN "Golden Gate" Anna Yastrub .

According to Sergei Kostetskii if positive changes in the market will not happen , most vendors will be easier to remove their facilities from the sale and wait . This is what happens now with Resale in the central areas of the capital. In the absence of buyers and confusion with the prices some vendors have decided not to sell the house . So, if in December 2013 monthly offer on the secondary capital averaged about 55 thousand apartments , in February of this year, it fell to 30 thousand members of the National Council of Real Estate Brokerage Oleksandr Bondarenko Chamber also notes that the price bottom Kiev real estate market has been achieved .

" The mark of $ 1,000 per square meter in the primary and $ 1100-1150 - per square on the secondary practically corresponds to the actual average cost of housing in the capital" , - he explains. However, some experts believe that in a few months can further resale to lose in price. Especially against the background of growing up of new buildings and interest Khruschevkas socket lately already declining.

According to Alexander Rubanova , last year the value of transactions in the primary market for the first time ahead of the quantitative indicators on the secondary housing (55% to 45%). In 2014 sellers malometrazhek , Khrushchev and apartments in remote areas of the central part of the city of Kiev and megacities have to make concessions to buyers and reduce their price by 5-15%. At year-end second homes will likely become cheaper by 6-9 %.

And for investors choosing a primary , will face the question of how not to miscalculate with a choice of buildings. Indeed, despite the attempts of officials somehow stimulate the completion of long protracted , in quantitative terms, they do not become less . Despite the fact that about 10% of problem objects managed to put into operation in 2013 , they remain more than 17 thousand
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