Property prices are rising because of weak nerves

21.09.2010 18:16
Real Estate Market Analysis | Property prices are rising because of weak nerves They say that the promised three-year wait. Apparently guided by this wisdom, many potential homebuyers are waiting for the second half of 2007, when the prices still fall.

First, at least twice, and after an economic collapse in 2009 - so that up to $ 10,000 for a studio. Experts on optimistic forecasts did not stint. However, the prices con-stood and walked to the growth. Basically, just due to those who have nerves gave way, says explosives.

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First, people have become interested in housing, which gave many realtors an opportunity to officially declare the beginning of the revitalization of the market ", followed by already and the first purchase. And where is the demand out there and raise prices.

Realtors ascertain increase in real sales transactions of apartments, mostly in the segment of "economy class", that is the cheapest.

- Khrushchev and Gostinka today for $ 50,000, - analyst consulting company, Sergey Kostecki. - Due to the fact that housing became actively taking, prices will rise by 2-3% per month, and up to 2011 forward plus 15%. This applies to secondary housing and very low-cost housing. At the same time, business segment gives rise in the strength of 0,5% per month, and luxury apartments are worth, or even lose in the price.

Has received widespread version of that housing will become cheaper as soon as the banks put up for sale in selected bonds, expert denies. According Kostetskii, the banking sector is already quite fully grown, not to sell the apartments of mass ejection properties for sale should be expected.

CEO of a company Alexey Kiselev said that the rise in prices of housing in the Khrushchev, prefabricated high-rise buildings the 1970's construction - temporary trend against the revived demand:

- Old houses with old municipal networks, elevators, no security will remain the most expensive segment, the so-called minimal check.

By the way, its size - an indicator of economic status of the population. When the banks were, unemployment was at its peak, the apartment could be bought for $ 30,000. If the check is increased, and this is what is happening now, it means that the overall financial position was slightly better.

As for the unfinished, houses, ie the primary, then the specialists are expected deficit in 2011. Many of the projects whose creators were wrong from a marketing standpoint - for example, offers accommodation such as a "family" economy-class, but a large square footage - now stand unused.

According to the developers, to date, the average cost per square meter second home in Kiev - $ 1789. The price is quite high, but we must take into account the difference in cost between the cheapest and most expensive apartments. For example, the cheapest "squares" in Darnitskiy area - $ 1366, expensive - in the Crypt ($ 2,854).
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