Property of Belarus: the cheapest apartments - in Vitebsk

05.10.2010 10:40
Real Estate Market Analysis | Property of Belarus: the cheapest apartments - in Vitebsk During the first 9 months of 2010 in Belarus was committed 15,8 thousand transactions on purchase and sale of apartments. This is an absolute anti-record the last decade. Say, for the same period last year was 20.4 thousand transactions carried for 9 months. 2008 - more than 26 thousand transactions, 2007 - 27.4 thousand, of 2006 - 31,2 thousand!

Of course, talk of market saturation is not. Much more likely to talk about the overly high prices, especially in the secondary market. At the same time, housing prices in regional cities almost two times lower than in Minsk ...

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Vitebsk. The cheapest accommodation in Belarus?

Given that the price per square meter in Vitebsk, in the current year is $ 659 (average 9 months), you can call it the cheapest of all regional centers of Belarus. In all other price "square" at least a little (in Minsk - almost 2 times), but higher. Only in March, price per square meter to $ 700 - but the demand is immediately dropped.

In August the average price of apartment. meters of housing was $ 662, in September (data for less than a month) - $ 622. Demand for property in the city on the Dvina also fell compared with last year - 919 transactions against 1337.

Brest. Minus 40%

Average (median) price per square meter in Brest in September is, according to the National Cadastral Agency, $ 741. However, in Brest price "square" ranges from $ 730 to $ 780 since May. And in March was $ 840 ...

Judging from the number of transactions, the relative spike was recorded in July, when it was purchased 99 apartments. In the other months in Brest, bought from 64 to 83 apartments. In general, according to the National Cadastral Agency on Sept. 29, from the beginning of the year had been committed a little more than six deals in buying and selling apartments. Compared with last year activity of buyers has fallen by 40% - in 2009 over the same period there were more than a thousand transactions.

Gomel. Demand is growing!

In Gomel, the real estate market reeling most. Average price per square meter per year ranged from $ 773 in January to $ 639 in June. However, after the June "sale" price went up again in August to $ 746. That, however, did not prevent the last month of summer break the record for number of deals - they recorded 176.

By the way, the number of transactions Gomel stands alone among the regional centers of Belarus. Unlike all other major cities, the housing market here is not collapsed. Not only is the price of the "square" has declined slightly - from $ 754 in 2009 to $ 709 for the first 9 months of 2010 - had still managed to retain volumes. If the first 9 months of 2009 was carried out 1,072 transactions, over the same period this year - 1093. And this despite the fact that data for September are not final.

Grodno. Vendors "hold" the price

In Grodno - the most minor fluctuations in the price of the "square" in the current year. The most expensive home was worth in January - $ 708 per "square". And the cheapest apartments sold in July - an average of $ 675 per square. m. The difference is only $ 33!

Shoppers react to the retention price is quite logical - the lack of demand. If last year for 9 months was reached nearly a half thousand transactions on purchase and sale of apartments, in the present - only 913. The latter figure could grow up (to be determined when data for September), but hardly enough to speak about the "slight decrease".

Mogilev. Last year's level

Mogilev was the only regional center, where the price per square meter in 2010, has not increased - compared to 2009. If last year the average price of the "square" was $ 715, then the first 9 months of this - $ 713. However, in the course of the year fluctuations, and in April it had reached $ 739. Today, housing in Mogilev can be purchased for $ 650 - $ 670 per square meter.

Demand for property in Mogilev also remained at last year's level. In the less than 9 months of this year was committed 580 transactions for January - September of 2009 - 604.

As for the capital, the cost per square meter now rests at $ 1,200 - $ 1,250. And speaking of choice, the most attractive offer on the sale of real estate in Minsk and in the metropolitan area, realtors and developers are preparing to present at a specialized exhibition "Commercial and residential real estate, which will be held in the pavilion BELEXPO (Str . Yanka Kupala, 27), from 25 to 27 November.
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