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04.05.2011 09:52
Real Estate Market Analysis | Property in Phuket, Samui and Rayong Thailand's property market - still a novelty for the Russians. However, gradually a mysterious country called all of us. Here a great climate, friendly people and affordable housing. In our previous article on Thailand, we examined in detail Pattaya real estate, today's talk about the other resorts, rental rates will study and discuss the attraction of investments into the square meters of Thailand, wrote

Unless Pattaya

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Pattaya - the most convenient for the Russian resort of Thailand, in other resort areas, according to market experts, "foreign" and "Russian" infrastructure for worse. From Pattaya can be compared except Bangkok, but it is a huge sultry metropolis.

In addition, real estate in other resorts in Thailand is more expensive. For example, if in Pattaya for 120-150 thousand dollars can buy an apartment with one bedroom and panoramic sea views, in a respectable Hua Hin - the summer residence of the king - for the money offered only a remote beach "kopeck piece" without however any kind of interesting or apartment near the beach, but the studio with views of the neighboring house and a piece of the sea. The city offers less, and apartments with panoramic sea views - piece goods, and are worth, according to Ernest Novick, manager of international real estate agency Euro Asia Development, at least 12-20 million baht (400-670 thousand of dollars): Thai currency is close to the rate of the ruble.

The second most popular resort in Thailand with the Russian people - the island of Phuket, also featuring a good infrastructure for foreigners, according to Elena Yurgeneva, director of real estate company Knight Frank, - one of the most expensive areas to buy real estate in the country. There are virtually no condominiums, sold primarily townhouses and private homes, and if "condo", the highest class.

For example, the apartments of 127 m? Two bedroom, no sea view, but furnished and equipped with technology in The Holme Place Condominium, where there are two pools and a fitness center, 400 meters from Karon Beach offers up to 14 million baht (about 470 thousand dollars), more modest housing you can buy in Phuket, where there is no beach, and, for example, on the beach of Kata. Here, two-bedroom apartment of 90 m? in Kata Ocean View Condominium, however, again without a sea view is worth six million baht (about 200 thousand dollars).

Townhouse with two bedrooms in luxury residences in the 800 meters from Kata Beach and can be bought for 12 million baht (about 400 thousand dollars). Home prices start from 8,000,000 baht (about 270 thousand dollars), but end up millions of dollars: "Phuket is a particularly privileged place at Laguna Phuket» (Banyan Tree, Phuket Resort), the exclusive agent for the sale of which - the company Knight Frank. The complex is managed by a five-star hotel operator known boutique hotel chains. Having bought a villa here, you can enjoy the restaurants, fitness centers and other services of the hotel. An object can be and to rent for long term. A villa is 1,8-4,2 million dollars ", - says Elena Yurgeneva.

A similar situation with the real estate and its value on the island of Koh Samui, where, according to Ernest Novik (Real Estate Agency, there are restrictions on height of buildings, so 95% of the market for separate houses.

From Pattaya at the prices can be compared except Rayong, also located on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Here, wealthy Thais love to rest, the beaches cleaner than Pattaya, and, according to Ernest Novick, here too you can buy an old apartment for 15 thousand dollars (but it is possible for 15 million baht, that is, 500 thousand dollars in new complex right on the beach), so only the infrastructure to foreigners until the obscenities, and difficult to rent property for rent. So Rayong - it is rather the prospect of 5-7 years.

The buyer - the head of the Thai company

"In any condominium in Thailand, only 49% of the apartments will be sold to foreigners, while the remaining 51% of the developer is obliged to sell the Thais and Thai companies, and the most difficult to implement this part of the housing.

Therefore, realtors often offer flat at 15-20% cheaper under the condition of their registration in the Thai company, but in future this will be harder to sell an apartment, "- said Ernest Novick. The principle of such a purchase: the buyer with the help of a Thai lawyer register a company in Thailand, which bought real estate, and it turns out that it belongs to the company, led by the buyer.

By the way, land, houses and townhouses in Thailand you can buy only so, but in his own name to foreigners are permitted to purchase only the apartments, and money for the purchase must be either transferred to the non-cash expense in the Thai bank, or imported into the country in the form of traveler's checks.

And we must realize that buying a home in Thailand to lease - not the most profitable investment: "The profit excluding the cost of the apartment and the agent commission will be a maximum of 6-7%," - said Ernest Novick.

Housing for rent

Of course, not all Russian citizens, even living in Thailand for over six months, want to buy real estate in the property, many of them choose the rent, not to mention those who come here to "hibernate" or a month while on vacation.

Rental rates in Thailand are usually proportional to the value of the property, and resorts are very dependent on the season: when the pouring rain or hot, and fewer tourists, they are reduced by 20-30% compared with the high-friendly holiday season, and during the New Year and Christmas holidays (in peak season), prices rise by 10-20%.

If we consider the tourist zone, the cheapest accommodation can be rented in Pattaya. For example, a small studio with a microwave and the Internet, a few kilometers from the sea, subject to lease for a year is offered for 4-5 thousand baht a month (130-170 dollars). "And, for example, a studio near the sea area of ??34-36 m? with a full kitchen and Internet access is available at 10-15 thousand baht (340-510 dollars) a month "- said Ernest Novick.

A one bedroom apartment 36 square meters? with balcony, kitchenette and a safe in the new complex is approximately 1 km from the sea can be rented for 10-12 thousand baht (U.S. $ 330-400), and if closer to the beach - for the 13-20 thousand baht (U.S. $ 430-670) . But the rental price can reach up to 80-100 thousand baht (2,7-3,3 thousand dollars) a month if it will be two bedroom apartment on the beachfront, with renovated, expensive furniture and panoramic sea views .

Rent the same house with 3-4 bedrooms, depending on the areas of building and site, presence of swimming pools and proximity to the beach in Pattaya, the average cost of 25-35 thousand baht (830-1 170 dollars) per month subject to a one-year contract and 40 - 70 thousand baht (1,3-2,3 thousand dollars) per month, to rent only a month or two.

In Phuket are very popular luxury villas, you can remove an average of 600-850 thousand baht a month (20,1-28,5 thousand dollars), but there are out there and housing is cheaper: the distance from the beaches and in Phuket, Town lot of studios and one bedroom apartments even 3-6 thousand baht ($ 100-200) per month. The sea also offer this type of housing - a rarity here is easier to find a house or townhouse. For example, a townhouse at Kata Beach can be rented for 25 thousand baht per month (840 dollars), and the house - for 40 thousand baht (1,300 dollars).

Koh Samui to rent an apartment did not turn out, but there are many inexpensive offers houses and townhouses. For example, in high season with a 1-2 bedroom house area of ??50-60 m? in the living residences can be rented for 9-15 thousand baht (300-500 dollars) a month, depending on proximity to the sea, and a separate house with private swimming pool will cost 35-40 thousand baht (1,2-1,3 thousand . dollars) a month.

And be aware that in addition to the rent would have to pay water and electricity on the counter. 1 kW / h of electricity in Thailand is 3,5-5 baht (12-17 cents), and 1 m? Water - 25-30 baht (84-100 U.S. cents).

Thai investment

The real estate market in Thailand, according to Igor Indriksons, director of overseas property investment company IntermarkSavills, never belonged to the fastest growing, and resell the object can be difficult, yet the prices are slowly but steadily growing. According to Ernest Novick, Thailand's market is still undervalued and have good growth potential, as 90% of real estate used for housing or rent, not for speculation. And it is not passed by our compatriots, who started en masse to buy another house here in 2007-2008.

Investment mechanism is simple: let's buy on the installment plan apartment for $ 100 thousand in the under construction project: the first installment - 20%, followed for 2 years on a quarterly basis in equal installments paid an additional 50% of the cost, while passing through the house 2.5 years entered the last fee of 30%. Having bought an apartment in the very early sales (presale), you can count on a price 15-20% below market, and after about 12 months when all the laws of marketing developer will raise it to 10-15% actually sell a contract for an apartment for 115 thousand . dollars, for the best facilities are already sold out, giving the base "hall" price. "In a successful project, this contract is sold for 1-2 months," - said Ernest Novick.

Obtain the following financial result: invest - 40 thousand dollars, income - 15 thousand dollars, so profit is about 37% per annum, and even taking into account all charges for the issuance of the transaction - not less than 25%. "Over the past 2 years we had about a dozen batch of investors from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and even who invest in promising properties of Thai resorts (not only in Pattaya but in Hua Hin, and even in Rayong). Profitability of their investments ranged from 22 to 29% per annum for investment of 350 thousand to nearly $ 4 million, "- said Ernest Novick.

Thus, at first sight unpromising in terms of investment, Thailand can produce a good profit, though only if wisely selected an object for investment. If, however, to buy illiquid housing, and the risk of such a purchase according to the Igor Indriksonsa, in Thailand there are not so small, that their money in a slow-growing market, which today is a country, it will only return a few years. So that investment in real estate sunny kingdom should be very careful and always under supervision of an experienced and highly professional real estate agent.


Thailand - a country summer, smiling people, beautiful nature and the tender sea. Many Russians have already visited there and stayed indifferent to the charms of the Asian kingdom, returned there again and again, spend the winter there, leave for a few years and buy there homes. But the more Russian-speaking, better infrastructure, the more Russian citizens and citizens of CIS directs their attention to real estate in Thailand, especially Pattaya - the "Russian" city in the country with the most democratic prices and a huge range of products.

More practical to buy and rent accommodation in the long term, of course, here, but other resorts in Thailand are open to foreigners. And because the investment in the Thai real estate still is not the most profitable way of capital allocation, it is worth buying only if you really love Thailand.

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