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31.08.2010 08:50
Real Estate Market Analysis | Pristolichny «cottage in the village» Summer. Hotness. It is increasingly difficult to experience it in the urban concrete "cells". I would like the city, where the estate with open terraces and pools ...
... Cabins with a green tree, and lavish beds. Or, at worst, at least skip to the nearest weekend to the nature ... Especially in the current summer season at the suburban real estate market there are interesting new trends, says Mirror weeks.

Season acquisition "hatynok"

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The myth that the exorbitant cost of land and a country house can not afford to ordinary customers, fading away. Operators complain about the real estate market: land in Kiev's suburbs have fallen in price by 4-5 times, but outside the 20-kilometer zone and does a dozen times cheaper. Buy land for the construction of suburban homes is not easy, but very simple. Fuss in this segment of real estate, compared with previous years, not just disappeared.

One may well speak of the excitement in the ranks of those who bought land in hopes of reselling it at exorbitant prices, but now does not know how to get rid of cheapened assets. Rare buyer of land, if he'll take the right tone with the seller, who urgently need cash, and can do to wrest 50% of its value, which had never happened before.

Weaving earth on the outskirts of the capital, depending on the location, the presence of communications, infrastructure, availability of roads and other benefits may cost 3-4 thousand dollars Average price - about 5 thousand dollars if we take the average size of land - 10 hectare , it is easy to calculate that such would cost 50 thousand dollars

But not only the land itself had become cheaper. Decreased and the cost of construction of estates. Nowadays you can significantly save not only on building materials, but also on the services of builders. Experts estimate that the minimum cost of building a country house this summer may reach 500-700 dollars per square meter. Plus, finishing work - even thousands of 40.

Total, a small country house in 100 square meters can cost 90-100 thousand dollars, and twice as much as can be, "pulls" at 150-180 thousand dollars for comparison: in new capital can find apartments for 8-10 ths. sq. meter. Of course, the new people of apartment, too, is spent on repairs - a plus thousands of additional $ 10. But as they say, someone that likes ...

True, a country house "pull" of you have electricity, heating, gas ... But the soul will warm the idea that you - happy owner of a house just a few tens of kilometers from the capital, and it cost you for a price comparable to the cost of a two-room apartments in Kiev. However, it is not just about savings. Among the advantages - natural, no annoying neighbors, a place for parking and other amenities of suburban life.

However, one should note that in the wake of the desire to save easily and candid hack bump. In particular, the Union of Ukrainian real estate professionals (SSNU) potential buyers are advised to be extra careful when buying homes built for sale. Unfortunately, part of the proposed property now rather low quality.

That is why realtors recommend: Before buying a suspicious house is not to spare money and bring to the evaluation object of a competent expert for the construction of real estate. Otherwise it may happen so that after a couple of months of your new purchase will "disintegrate" and will have its place to build another one, another new home.

Of course, the current "low cost" country real estate - a relative concept. Many people and she can not afford, and they expect further fall in housing prices. However, in the cottage, where developers are working on their own money, is unlikely to set his face down prices below the cost of the proposed homes. After all, they reason, the purchaser acquires not just a "house in the village, but also a certain status, which in our time, too, is worth something.

Trends, however ...

In general, the market of cottage building situation is similar to the total for the country. As we know, many builders because of the crisis in general were forced to suspend construction unfolded. A country-cottage villages (CG), which actually is an active construction, now literally be counted on the fingers. Most of them, or "stuck" at the design stage, or are moving to pass a snail's pace. At least three dozen cottage townships Kiev region, according to market analysts, and certainly completely frozen.

It is clear that in such a situation, a trickle of investment in construction is slowly but surely running out - because people are cautious deem to be appropriate investments only in the finished objects, or at least those in the CG, where the actually observed the construction of houses.

Of course, sellers of real estate more profitable to sell the already constructed houses. But as this were not always successful, developers, due to difficulties in attracting financing consumers of their services have to be reconstructed on the march. Explaining his proposal so that the value of land because of the crisis and declined to purchase the land can be at bargain prices, they suggest that "affordable" to buyers - the land under construction. It is not even trying to hide the fact that most of the current deals with the country real estate is just on land. As a rule, with painted them communications.

Sales of such sites can be with a contract to build the house, and maybe not. However, the sale of land with a general contract for construction is becoming more popular. However, not all that simple. There are certain conditions for the start of construction on the acquisition of land. It must begin no later than one year after completing the transaction of land acquisition. In addition, the draft of the future cabin to be coordinated with the administration of CT.

So the future of the lucky owner will have a lot of suburban real estate and run, and jittery, but also a fork. And then the result is not too surprising that the final cost will be made slightly higher than outside the longed-KG.

However, in spite of that, experts believe that the cost of houses in the CG, especially in the prestigious, will grow, and growth on the basis of the current year may be in the range of 10-15%. Of course, developers benefit to assure that the prices for suburban property has stabilized and reached its minimum limit, and that, at least the next six months is unlikely to cost the country real estate will vary.

According to their projections, in economy class will remain popular small cottages worth 150-200 thousand dollars, the plots on 10-15 hectare, while Business Class customers will purchase a total floor space of 250-300 square meters with a 20 hectare plots for cost 350-400 thousand dollars

Do not hurry to write off and elite accommodation - cottages of 500 square meters and above. Demand for him, though not Panic, also expected. However, the most radically-minded buyers, especially those who are free from easy money, consider all of these assumptions are delusions and predict a further collapse in prices.

"In the village, in the wilderness!" But - with the rental ...

People are increasingly eager for summer to move out of town. And if not in their, at least in a rented house. Naturally, the most popular options - a 20-30 kilometers from Kiev. Basically this Obuhov direction and villages along the Dnieper, as well as in the direction of Boryspil. Overall, 75% of the demand for suburban property (not only permanent, but temporary) accounts for the right bank of the Dnieper. But prestige is reflected in cost.

Among the tempting options for rent suburban real estate in the lead at home in Boryspil district, along the Odessa, Zhytomyr routes, and, of course, in the Obukhov direction. Popular life in the summer in places considered Boyarka, Bucha, cherries, Gnidyn ... And this is only the beginning of tempting places to rent houses alphabet ...

In the current summer season, the demand for suburban housing rent is much higher than in the past. Director of real estate agencies almost unanimously state that today people are less tend to buy homes outside the city, but rather prefer to rent them for the summer period. The explanation of this trend rather banal: because of the crisis potential home buyers have become much less solvent, thus automatically and increased demand for rent suburban real estate.

However, blindly trust the information real estate agents, too, not worth it. Especially as it relates to the price of rental housing. The fact that there is usually not offered the cheapest options. And this is perfectly understandable - Real Estate Agency is advantageous to the monthly rent was at least within $ 500 And so a significant amount for the Kiev region, with its large selection of both the real estate and want to rent it though, does not limit. Already there are proposals for lease suburban housing from $ 1000 and above.

If such a large sum of money do not want to leave, do not despair worth. After all, is always more personal factors. For example, take a ride in the coveted your town, read it, local newspapers and announcements on poles, to communicate with the local population. Precedents appropriate discounts are available: even in the sought after green Irpen region can find viable alternatives to the cost of rent up to $ 500 a month. In general, in the thirty-zone of Kiev, where a good search, you can rent a house for the summer and $ 100 a month.
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