Primary residential real estate market in Kiev: for every product - a merchant

03.03.2011 14:35
Real Estate Market Analysis | Primary residential real estate market in Kiev: for every product - a merchant At the end of February 2011 the construction of apartments is in all areas of the capital, the company said Build and Live Development.

As the company reported, the highest value and quality of objects - usually in the center. "They are also the most problematic projects in terms of land and location for its new building" - said in the study.

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Company experts also noted another trend in the market, expensive housing - the club house, which along with high-end residential complexes are now luxury housing in Kyiv. They settle down, usually in the center of the city are malokvartirnymi (number of apartments is from 8 to 20, sometimes up to 100) and offer a large apartment footage. Are also new buildings and reconstructed old buildings.

"Equally attractive are autonomous large-scale residential developments with their own infrastructure and green space. Such objects are not inferior, but cheaper in cost, as posted on the big sites in the area close or distant from the center. Nevertheless, for a more democratic buyers, particularly families, apartment complexes are convenient in perspective - the "four in one - housing, recreation, shopping and sotskultbyt, parking lot" - says the study, Build and Live Development.

According to analysts, quite active in the last year have built up the outskirts of Kiev - home mostly concrete, without a highly developed infrastructure, quickly erected, and as cheap. In the outermost regions is also being built residential complexes. As the saying goes, "for every product - a merchant." The only question is, noted in the Build and Live Development, which today demand remains minimal compared with the growing volume of deals in the market.

Cost of 1 sq.m. housing in the primary real estate market, depending on the region, UAH.

7000 - 12 000

Borschagivka, Sophia Borshchagovka
7500 - 20 000

Osokorki, Poznyaki
7,500 - 12,900

7,400 - 11,100

Svyatoshino, Russia
7000 - 14 000

11,500 - 19,000

Raw Tatarka
9800 - 14 500

Shevchenko rn
13,000 - 35,000

25,500 - 93,800

Holosievo, Towers
11,000 - 19,400

10,000 - 38,500

Darnitsa, DVRZ
6800 - 11 500

16,000 - 40,000

Friendship of Peoples
11,000 - 22,000

Left-bank m-in, Rusanivka
9000 - 25 000

11,000 - 31,600

10,500 - 27,600

Build and Live Development

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