Primary housing in the 40-70 km from Moscow, became the most expensive in the area

20.09.2010 15:57
Real Estate Market Analysis | Primary housing in the 40-70 km from Moscow, became the most expensive in the area Housing in the primary market of Moscow region was worth the beginning of autumn is the cheapest at a distance of 40-70 kilometers from Moscow, said the study Guild of Realtors of Moscow Region (GRMO).

As indicated therein, the average cost per square meter of apartments in new buildings at a distance of 40-70 kilometers from Moscow was on September 1, 1945 rubles. While at longer distances - over 70 miles - the price was equal to 46 thousand rubles.

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The average cost of second homes in these areas amounted to 55,000 rubles per square meter at a distance of 40-70 kilometers from Moscow and 51,000 rubles per square meter - a distance greater than 70 kilometers.

The report highlights that prices for apartments rose last month, particularly in areas distant suburbs - at a distance of more than 40 kilometers from Moscow.

"At the same time in these areas the potential to increase the purchasing power of the local population is not high, as the number of buyers from other regions. Therefore, most likely, this growth will be short lived and once again replaced stabilization" - described in the materials.

They reported that, in general, the Moscow region, depending on the distance from Moscow the average prices in the sector of new buildings are in the range of 46-76 rubles per square meter, and a month ago this figure was 45-74 rubles per square meter. In the secondary market situation also has not changed - the prices are within the range of 51-88 rubles per square meter a month ago - 50-89 rubles per square meter.

The most expensive housing suburbs, according to the report, are traditionally flat at a distance of 10 kilometers from Moscow - the primary market, it stands there, on average 76,000 rubles per square meter in the secondary - 88 rubles per square meter.

"Housing markets are the middle and far suburbs show ... a small but harmonious growth", - stated in the report.
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