Prices in the cottage of Ukraine «afloat

01.09.2010 07:51
Real Estate Market Analysis | Prices in the cottage of Ukraine «afloat And they melt, according to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko of incredible heat in the territory of Ukraine, which affects the deferred demand, purchasing power and lack of money in the pockets of ordinary Ukrainians.
During the crescent specialists analyzed the situation in the cottage real estate market of Ukraine.
According to Victor Kovalenko, "the price situation by region has changed dramatically compared with the beginning of the year. A total of portal-based suburban real estate as at August 10, 2010 is 563 compared to the town of 539 towns at the beginning of 2010. The increase was 24 town. Among the total number of 174 (30.9%), the town built and put into operation, 226 (40.14%) and 163 townships constructed (28.95%), the town is under "project". Of the 389 under construction and planned towns, in 130 towns, construction of "frozen", which is 33.41%.. "
As told Victor Kovalenko, "the number of cottage townships championship in Kiev and the region -261 21 town (282), second place in the Crimea region (87 towns), third place in the Odessa region (74 town)."

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As for the cost of 1 square. m in the cottage of Ukraine, there is a minimum cost of 220 dollars. in Rivne region, and the maximum -10000 dollars. in the elite village of "Black Sea" in the Crimea.
According to statistics portal, the average cost of 1 sq. m in the cottage of Ukraine as of August 10 is 957 dollars compared with 1,121 dollars in January 2010. The fall in six months is 14.6%.
According to Victor Kovalenko, "Statistics Portal, championship in Kiev from 2185 USD / sq ft (2493 dollars per square meter in January, falling for six months -12.4%), second place in the Crimea with 1803 dollars (2492 dollars per square meter in January, falling for six months -27.64%), and third place in the Nikolayev region from 1670 dollars (here the average price impact cost dol. 2,340 / sq. m in the elite village "Pine Beach ").
Viktor Kovalenko
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