Prices for suburban real estate Belarus continues to decline

20.10.2010 16:59
Real Estate Market Analysis | Prices for suburban real estate Belarus continues to decline Each month, the price of suburban real estate continue to decline by 3%. Homes "go" with a 20-30% discount, and unfinished buildings are sold below cost.

Reasons that led to the collapse of prices by almost 40% set. One of them - the signing of Presidential Decree number 64 of 06/02/2009 year, thanks to which thousands of needy were virtually free land for construction.

After that, almost 50% of potential buyers left the market, while the number of objects offered for sale only increased. The fact that many owners of sites were not able to decree the allotted period of three years to start building and looked for ways to get rid of the plots.

Despite the fact that to sell an object of the law they can not, part of the land still came to the market through ads in the media. All this has led to a drop in the price of suburban real estate.

Most in this period affected owners' nezavershenok and finished houses. Prices of villas and houses of economy-class "fall" was already nowhere to go - two crisis years, they have fallen almost by half, and the demand for such real estate was more or less stable.

Now the buyer has become more rational approach to buying real estate. Most in demand home economy class - the structure of the blocks or bricks an area of 150 m ?, with steam heating, plumbing, municipal sewerage and telephone. It is desirable that farmland was not less than 15 hectare. The optimal price of the home - up to $ 70,000. As a rule, it is acquired instead of a city apartment and sold without recourse loan.

Luxury housing - perhaps the only category of suburban real estate, for which demand has not fallen, even in times of crisis. The reason is simple - these objects have one and they go on sale very often, and want to buy a house luxury becomes less.

Moreover, after a massive forest fires has increased the demand for Belarusian property from our neighbors. Of course, in connection with the general price adjustment cost of such housing has changed. If before it was sold for $ 800 thousand - $ 1.2 million, but now prices have come down to $ 500-600 thousand.
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