Prices for declining real estate market Zhitomir

05.11.2010 11:35
Real Estate Market Analysis | Prices for declining real estate market Zhitomir Of course, now there is a slight recovery on the sale of real estate.
Solvency of the population compared to last year dropped a few times. It is caused primarily by rising unemployment, rising prices for utilities, credit conditions remain the bank's still not easy.

At the beginning of next year's expected the new price increase for utilities, which will next push the price drops. It is possible that prices in the spring of 2011 could reach a bottom, and the next year or two will be equal to 2003.

I remember my countrymen, that the one-bedroom apartment at the time cost from 3000 to 5000 USD, doubles - 6000-10000 cu-bedroom up to 15000 USD, although this is not a fact in our country there are many paradoxes so that instead of the fall of next year, could be an unexpected rise in prices on the real estate market.

This may be due to the fact that nothing new, we have almost not built, all the banks - still can open up credit. Currently, one-bedroom apartment (Khrushev) in Zhitomir is 23000 - 27000 USD One-bedroom apartment costs 31000 - 35000 USD Two-bedroom apartment can be bought up to 40,000 cu Prices for apartments with improved design has also decreased.

If for two months back a studio apartment without repairs could buy 31000 - 33000 ue then today, the cost of such apartments ranges 28,000 - 30,000 ue Prices of private sector also fell by 10-15%. Detached houses are popular from 40,000 cu up to 70000 USD

The cost of small-sized apartments ranging from 18,000 to 23,000 cu With regard to suburban areas - the sale of these objects comes alive in summer and winter. Prices of building plots in the city range from $ 1000 up to 2500 cu for a hundred.

Respect of rent, the situation looks the other hand, prices rose slightly. Rent one-bedroom furnished apartments in a month is worth about 1000 - 1200 USD + light, two-bedroom 1400 - UAH 1500 + light, three-bedroom 1500 - 1700 UAH, and light, it all depends on the condition and location of the apartment. Increase the demand for small-sized apartments, for which will not have to pay higher utility bills.

Poor people will try to sell his large apartment, which would save money, ie to increase the number of objects sold and the owners that would sell them will be forced to lower prices. Due to the unstable situation in the real estate market, I advise my fellow countrymen are now buying real estate, rather than wait for better times.

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