Prices fell down to 10 times!

26.08.2009 00:00
Prices in some cottage settlements around Moscow fell down to 10 times! Prices in some cottage settlements around Moscow fell down to 10 times!
 (Цены в некоторых коттеджных поселках Подмосковья снизились в 10 раз!)

A small negative correction of value associated primarily with the restructuring proposals at the cottage market. The fact that the new objects that were released for sale last year, have lower cost performance compared to the villages, which remained on the market with 3 quarters of 2008, where the price per meter of the house fell by just 1% (105 thousand rubles. against 106.3 thousand rubles. per meter). This means that the overall decline in the price of 1 sq. in a cottage village on 4% due mainly to lower price levels in newly emerged on the market facilities as compared to already underway. This is not surprising, since such settlements are generally at an early stage of construction, and the level of demand for them is not high enough. Therefore, to maintain the competitiveness of new projects compared to the already built towns, developer has to set lower prices.
Despite the slight decline in prices, typical for the market of cottage settlements in general, the dynamics in certain areas the cost of housing varies considerably. As seen from the graph, for the period under review most cheaper houses in the villages located on the Volokolamsk highway (almost 70%). Reason: as in the current as well as in the previous period are offered only one object. And the 3 rd quarter of last year it was built business-class town, where the last house sold at a cost of 190 thousand rubles. per meter to the cost of land (Nakhabino Country). And this year came the realization of a new cost-p at 38 km from Moscow ( "Dubrava / Vacation"), where the average price per meter, including the cost of land is about 60 thousand rubles. Thus, the marked decrease in the prices of Volokolamsk direction is due mainly changes in the supply of cottage settlements, as stated above. For the same reason "cheaper", for example, and the Kiev area (almost 15%): the level of prices in the new towns was lower than in the bygone with the market facilities.
The negative price corrections and notes on those areas where the implementation of the proposed single village in which the developers have reduced the cost of housing. In this case, the overall trend in prices in this area reflects the change in the value of homes in a particular village. So, according to "Market Research of cottage villages of Moscow Region for 2008-2009", in the second and third place on the rate of decline in prices after the Volokolamsk highway are Rogachev direction and Altufyevskoe highway, where the 3 rd quarter of this year offered one village that had been on market and in the past year. Over the past year, reducing the cost of housing (based on price per meter) along these lines was 32% and 27%, respectively.
If you look at the price dynamics in the context of individual settlements, we see that some of them the cost of meters has fallen by 40% -55%, while in others, however, she actually grew (by 60% -80%). According to experts of the Analytical Center "Indicators of the real estate market, such contradictory trends are explained on the one hand, the tendency of some developers to develop a more cost-effective proposal, which is achieved not only by lowering prices, but rekontseptsiey projects in accordance with market needs and new realities. On the other hand, there is a category of developers who want to preserve the pre-crisis levels of prices in dollar terms. Whereas in the past year the dollar "grew up" against the ruble approximately 35% ruble increase in the value of housing in some villages there is nothing else like fixing the dollar price level in 2008.
Nevertheless, in those villages, which are characterized by an optimal balance between price and quality, housing costs in dollar terms, it can reasonably be maintained at pre-crisis levels or even increased slightly, but in the ruble grew by an impressive amount. At the same time, those municipalities in which the level of prices in rubles adjusted downward by 40% -55% in dollar terms have fallen in price much more (up to 90% or 10 times).

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