Price «squares» of expectations

30.11.2010 10:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | Price «squares» of expectations State of the domestic construction industry gets litmus test of the status of our economy, there is too much tied.

In the first half of this year the country was commissioned 3.2 million square meters. meters of housing. It is by 43,2% compared with the same period last year. But do not rejoice. After a fair share of this housing was built without a permit, in other words, it is - samostroi.

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However, there are regions where housing construction are growing. But the situation in them is ambiguous, says Mirror weeks.

Kiev - not rubber

If we look at the statistics, in 1959 in Kiev, lived 1.1 million inhabitants. Today this figure has increased to 2,7 million, not including visitors. Well, forecasts promise that in the coming decades, residents of the capital may be from 3,3 million to 4,5 million people.

From Kiev to take additional "boxes" for such a mass of settlers? Specialists of the Center of Urban Development and Architecture figured that the resource territories (of whom there are about 6 thousand hectares) is theoretically possible to squeeze an additional 43 million square meters. meters of housing.

But this is - in theory. The fact that new buildings need significant "makeweight" in the form of social infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, health clinics. And with that in the capital is not all right, that might be especially willing to testify residents of new buildings in Goloseyevsky, Darnytskyi districts of Kiev, suffering from a lack of adequate infrastructure. However, they are not alone.

It would seem a good way out could be the demolition of old "Khrushchev and the construction in their place new, more high-rise (and hence a large number of apartments), high-rise buildings. Especially that line ministries have long been developed by relevant projects. According to official reports, the first skyscraper built in place of morally obsolete "Khrushchev," may appear in the capital in 2011. While talking about it for many years.

The city authorities in Kiev do not share the rosy plans for the ministry about the replacement of "Khrushchev" in the high-rises. Mainly because that confuses the financial side: projects should interest business, and considering the recent crisis, there is hardly an investor, looking forward to bringing a matter of urgency to invest in their housing situation. At best, the prospect for a couple of years.

Nevertheless, the new metropolitan authority voznamerilas attract the necessary investment for housing "in the neighborhood - in the Kiev region. As previously reported, the head of the KSCA, Alexander Popov and Governor Anatoliy Prisyajnyuk metropolitan area have signed a memorandum of cooperation. In accordance with this document, in the Kiev region in particular, provided some important place for Kiev objects. It concerns the construction of housing (with the appropriate financial contribution of each party) - both for those who live in the area, and for the people of Kiev. As it became known, for this purpose will be selected and even provide proper infrastructure sites in the area of future large roundabout.

- We now have offers from investors who are ready to build a virtually new city or a small number of settlements of 5-6 thousand people. This is a very modern housing estates with all the infrastructure. When you look at them, see XXII century. Very interesting architectural design. Kiev can develop in a way that people live in cleaner areas, and work in the city - told reporters the head of KCSA Alexander Popov.

Rate - the "capital region"?

In fact, to build in the area more easily than in the capital: less problems with land acquisition, collection permits, and the selection of sites - no question. Hence the logical result: the construction market analysts argue that in the first half of 2010 in the Kyiv region, in Kiev and Lviv region has built more than one third of the total housing in Ukraine. And the data fall monitoring the construction of housing and does indicate that the number of newly metropolitan area ranked second in the Ukraine, having passed forward only the Crimea.

Within the Kiev area builders are most willing to learn Kiev Svyatoshinsky area (30 sites, plus a 22 - to Irpin region). Followed by the Boryspil District (24 new buildings). Completes the top three Brovarskyi area (11 sites). As for the suburbs, the stable popular construction of new buildings in 11 satellite towns of the capital. Actively built up Borispol Brovary (accounting for over one third of the total volume of housing construction in the area), relatively affordable "boxes" in Boyarka, Kotsyubinskoe, Ukrainian.

The lowest price "squares" in new metropolitan area - 618 USD per 1 sq. km. m Borodyansky district, which is probably due to its remoteness from Kiev. Maximum - 1800 USD per 1 sq. km. m in the cottage "Sunbeam" Obukhov district.

However, not all so simple: Kiev region - in the lead not only to have delivered "squares", but also by the number of frozen objects. Those in the region - more than 20% of the all-Ukrainian figure. Nevertheless, the region in the state actually help the center in dealing with construction of housing, as confidently declare metropolitan architects.

According to them, 36 thousand square meters. meters needed housing can be placed in the region (from 15 to 20% of this amount can make high-rises). In addition, it is assumed that a large circular road would stimulate the economic development of satellite towns. And the developers of the new concept of the General Plan and the capital does come to the conclusion: life proves that the establishment of the capital region - the need is only a matter of time.

The authorities are encouraging, but there are doubts ...

- Construction could be an engine of economic development, and we have to create all necessary conditions - more than once declared Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko.
But as the story that "locomotive" in the right direction? Expert group, consisting of domestic and foreign experts, developed the concept of reform in the construction industry. Among the key positions - reducing the process of acquiring land from 270 to 60 days, a decrease in terms of permitting process from 175 to 50 days, and other innovations.

In addition, it took more than two months since the start of the state program "Affordable Housing, which provides grant assistance to purchase housing. However, it applies only to the area at the rate of 21 square. meter of space per person plus 10.5 square meters. meters per family. There are still restrictions - help, there are between the construction cost of 1 square. m (in the Kiev region is 6435 UAH.). The government subsidizes 30% of the cost and the remaining 70% must pay themselves. In addition, the degree of readiness at home must be at least 70%.

In the Kiev region under this program were unfinished at the White Church, Ukrainian, Vasilkov, Borispol, town and village Glevaha Cooper Kiev Sviatoshynsky area. In particular, the 16-storey brick house in Ukrainka. Youth Assistance Foundation construction agreement was signed on cooperation with "Kyivshchyna-housing" on the completion of the house, since it was introduced in the state inventory of assets under construction with a high degree of readiness. Now this object can be put at the end of the second quarter of 2011.

However, despite these examples, too early to assert that the program "Affordable housing" has earned at full strength. Within two months of the Kiev region and the capital was found only 140 interested and, accordingly, registered. Contract for Participation in the program have signed only 80, and assessed the state aid, only 40 men.

Why do people have doubts, of course. Even minus the 30% they still pay a considerable amount - 70%. Typically, "real" money in the hands of those who still could not solve their housing problem, no. Hence, it remains the mortgage. But the case of buying real estate with the assistance of bank loans are rare: the commercial interest rates on loans for housing in UAH (20%) are still high for average borrowers.

True, there is a new mortgage lending program for young people up to 30 years. But, alas, preferential mortgage terms not available to all. And only those who are under 35 years old, who "have time" to repay the loan until the retirement age and who is on the housing register.

Not surprisingly, the list in need of housing is almost not reduced. That's why, and talk about the influence of the state on the ratio of demand for housing "boxes" and accessible it is not necessary.
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