Price of property in cottage settlements of Ukraine reduced

20.04.2011 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Price of property in cottage settlements of Ukraine reduced Consulting Company RealEkspo "(Kiev) has monitored the market cottage villages in Ukraine.
As reported in the first quarter of 2011 came with 8 new towns, and the cost per square meter, according to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, declined from 1290 to 1258 dollars, ie by 2.49% during three months of 2001.

According to Victor Kovalenko, the price situation by region has changed dramatically compared to the beginning of the year. A total database of country real estate portal at 4.20 in 2011 has 578 towns, compared with 570 campuses in December 2010. Growth amounted to 8 cities. Of a total of 181 town was built and put into operation (31,3%), 234 (40.48%) of the town is built and 163 (28.2%) of the town are under a "project". Of 397 being built or planned towns, in 132 towns, construction of a "frozen", which is 33.24%.

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Picture: Price of property in cottage settlements of Ukraine reduced
From these figures should be the following conclusion: the number of towns built in comparison with December increased by 4 of the town, being built - on 6 campuses and projects, decreased by 2 of the town.
Number of frozen projects remained at the level of last year.

As told Victor Kovalenko, the number of cottage townships championship in the Kiev region -268 towns, second place in the Crimean region (88 villages), third place in Odessa Oblast (76 towns).

New towns appeared in Kiev (5), Odessa (2), Kharkiv (1), Zaporizhzhya (1) areas.
In the Lviv region and Crimea, the number of towns has decreased.

As for the cost of 1 square. m in the cottage of Ukraine, according to Victor Kovalenko, the minimum cost is $ 200 in the Crimea and a maximum of $ -10,000 in the exclusive town of "Black Sea" in the Crimea.

Picture: Price of property in cottage settlements of Ukraine reduced
According to statistics portal, the average cost of 1 square meter in the cottage of Ukraine during the first quarter of 2011 decreased by $ 32, which is 2.49%.

According to Victor Kovalenko, "Statistics Portal, the primacy of the value of Kiev from 2069 USD / sq m (2167 $ per sq ft in December, falling for the quarter was 4.53%), second place in the Crimea from 1763 USD / sq m (1840 $ per sq ft in December, falling as compared with the beginning of the year amounted to 4.19%), and third place in the Mykolayiv region with $ 1500 / m ( here at an average price affects the cost of 2,000 U.S. $ / sq. m in the elite village "Pine Beach", the cost has not changed).

It should be noted that the largest drop in a square meter among the regions of Ukraine stated in the Poltava region. Here, the "square" has fallen from $ 900 per sqm to 562 dollars per sq ft (338 dollars for 1 square.) Or 37.56%.

In Donetsk and Odessa regions recorded growth of 7 per square meter to $ 10 per sqm in the first quarter.

As of 4.20 in 2011 in the base portal Ukraine has 419 villas, 114 townhouses, 26 villas, 15 duplexes and 4 berths, representing a total of 578 townships.

Victor Kovalenko

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