Peculiarities of the National townhouse

14.10.2010 20:14
Real Estate Market Analysis | Peculiarities of the National townhouse
The term "townhouse" is translated to English means "town house". This phenomenon is actually a native of Old England, and maintains its count at the end of 18 century. In Britain at that time to make extensions to their homes, where it was possible to settle the older generation, children and relatives. The opportunity arose around the family clan to live side by side, and at the same time, each had its own territory. The practice caught on, and after a few years these houses were built on purpose, because it was very convenient.

After some time the trend has penetrated the erection of townhouses and outside England, finding a good use throughout Europe.
It is interesting that in the Ukrainian capital, the first townhouses appeared not in the suburbs, as might be expected, and in Kyiv. They were constructed on a special project in the area Lukyanovka company LKS.

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Later, the format of housing has spread to suburban real estate market, by virtue of advantages compared with traditional cottages, villas and other buildings. Townhouse was a good solution for those who dream of living outside the city, but did not have sufficient funds to purchase a cottage. Thus, the people of Kiev who desire to live outside the city today can choose from a large number of proposals designed for different thickness of the purse.
The proposed houses are not only cost but also the type of housing, and townhouses in this market are a relatively new format. Excess of supply over demand makes consumers think that all the same to choose from: an apartment in the capital, small and in the sleeping area, or all of the same town house - in fact, a separate housing outside gassed the noisy city, so even a small plot of land. And to think there is something.
According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, "as at 15 September 2010 in the base portal there were 116 towns in Ukraine, which is dominated by townhouses. Of this amount, 42 cottage village townhouses located in the Kiev region, in second place Crimea with 21 town and in third place - Odessa area.

Number and value of townhomes in Ukraine
(according to the portal, September 2010

Region Number Price ($ / m )  
Crimea 21 1253  
Volyn 2 588  
Dnepropetrovsk 3 1300  
Donetsk 4 1150  
Zaporozhye 3 854  
Ivano-Frankivsk 3 525  
Kiev 7 1979  
Kiev region 42 1274  
Lugano 1 625  
Lviv 1 500  
Nicholas 1    
Rivne 1 880  
Kharkiv 5 1458  
Chernivtsi 1 641  
Total 116 1266  

Average cost of 1 sq. km. m townhouse in Ukraine is 1,246 dollars. The minimum price for a "square" is marked in townhouses in Ivano-Frankovsk ($ 500 / m) and maximum - 2800 U.S. $ / sq-in Tanhouse in the French town (Obukhov district).
By the number of townhouses in the Kiev region is the leader of the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky area (18 townships), in second place Obukhovsky area (10 townships) and in third place Vyshgorodsky area (5 boroughs).
Average cost of 1 sq ft townhouses in the Kiev region on September 15, 1274 is equal to the dollar: the minimum in the townhouse "Queen Victoria " Vasilkovsky district) and the maximum - 2800 U.S. $ / sq-in Tanhouse in the French town (Obukhov district ). "

Picture: Peculiarities of the National townhouse

Number and value of town houses in Kiev and region
(according to the portal, September 2010

Number Price ($ / m )  
Kiev 7 1979  
Boryspil 4 1165  
Borodyansky 1    
Brovarskyi 2 900  
Vasilkovsky 2 675  
Vyshgorodsky 5 1240  
Kiev-Svyatoshinsky 18 1142  
Obukhov 10 1766  
TOTAL 49 1397  
Country Life, of course, promises many benefits, but should take into account a number of other things. For example, what to buy and build townhouses not to relax on weekends or during the summer season. This is a shelter for permanent residence. And if the house is located near the busy highway, where traffic jams - a common phenomenon, then too much time to go out to get to and from work.
In addition, it is necessary that in the village of townhouses there own infrastructure. Sometimes these small towns built in the vicinity of existing settlements, with the already established infrastructure. But in this case lost the idea of living outside the city. Heavy traffic and high-rise in sight, "will defeat" the efforts of a citizen who wants to live closer to nature.
"The minimum set for any townhouse - a school, a polyclinic, a nursery school. But it is expensive and significantly increases the cost of their construction cost per square meter in the newly constructed", says Victor Kovalenko, the director of "RealEkspo. Several real estate experts tend to believe that after a while the demand for this product will be reduced, and this kind of suburban housing will lose in price.
It is assumed that the wealthy citizens wishing to buy a country house, in the presence of a large amount will still choose full-fledged cottage. Those who do not have sufficient funds, would prefer townhouses.
Victor Kovalenko
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