Overview of the primary market of elite urban housing

27.09.2010 09:29
Real Estate Market Analysis | Overview of the primary market of elite urban housing At the threshold of the next issue of the analytical bulletin, specialists WELHOME brought some results of the first post-crisis years.

In the late summer of 2009 the market of elite urban housing were outlined long-awaited changes - consuming activity and prices continuously went up, the market perked up, it was reported that the early exit of urban gentrification of the crisis.

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The only problem, which was reported and continue to inform analysts, was the lack of release of new objects on the primary market in luxury segment.

In this review, we offer you the characteristics of the primary market of elite real estate in urban areas of Moscow.

District Ostozhenka

To date, around the "Golden Mile" has apartments in the primary market in the already constructed houses. Examples of such objects may be flat in LCD Ostozhenka Park Palace (Khilkov lane., 1), Corse House (Course first., 13), Barkley Plaza (Prechistenskaya nab., 17), Eropkinsky lane. ow. 16/23/15 st. Prechistenka, 13, str. Ostozhenka, ow. 11/17 - 13/12.

From construction sites can be distinguished mansions in a partially built complex "Residence Znamenka. New projects in the most exclusive district of Moscow in the post-crisis period has not came out, however, planned to build a facility in Khilkov lane, beginning of sales is scheduled for autumn-winter 2010/11.

District of Tver

The only luxury property under construction, have entered the market in autumn 2009, is a complex of luxury villas "Italian Quarter" (street Fadeeva, 4), other projects on the market does not come out and stated.

In each of the seven mansions of the variable number of floors housed apartments from 45 to 300 square meters. Sales in the project started in October 2009, the minimum price was $ 6,800 U.S. per square meter Since then, the price rose by 20% and is currently the minimum price of 8,100 dollars per square meter The rise in prices is associated with high rates of construction works (built for 9 floors) and with increased interest in the project thanks to a good architectural decision. The cost of parking in the underground parking is between 100,000 to 150,000 dollars depending on size.

"Italian Quarter" has the highest rate of construction in September 2010. Over the past two months to build two new levels of Building A, work continues on the underground levels of the body M. erected four ground-level case I. On the other buildings also appeared to 1-2 following ground level.

High construction activity, combined with unparalleled project concept and competent marketing policy gives "Italian Quarter" more chances to take the lead in sales among its major competitors.

Arbat District

In summer 2010, after a pause caused by the crisis, the market re-released project being built luxury homes in Greater Afanasyevsky Lane (trans. B. Athanasian, 24-26-28). The project represents a variable number of storeys residential house on 53 apartments in a classic style with the adjoining renovated mansion - the famous architectural monument of the XVII century, the Chambers of Zinoviev.

We offer for sale an apartment with an area of 108-277 square meters, the price range of $ 14100 - $ 25000 per square meter, and penthouses with an area of 291 and 398 square meters, priced at $ 25,000 per sq. m. On September 2010 the object is in the process of excavation.

District Zamoskvorechie

In the midst of the crisis now serving out to market a new luxury property "Four of the sun, which was the undisputed leader of sales in 2009, thanks to very attractive prices, good vision and high quality construction.

To date, the object is in the final stages of construction, decoration continues facades. From 1 September to 31 October 2010 declared the action "a unique home at an unbeatable price", in which the discounts on some of the apartments is 22%.

Otherwise, the primary market Zamoskvorechye furnished apartments in an already-built facilities - an elite residential complex "Aquamarine" (Ozerkovskaya Nab. 26) and reconstructed homes in Ovchinnikoskom B. Lane (d. 20 and d. 22, p.1).


The ambitious project "Garden Areas", released on the market about a year ago - yet the only representative of the facilities under construction in the area. "Garden Quarters" - four residential quarters with private courtyards and individual landscape design. The residential complex includes 33 residential buildings variable number of floors (4-12). Total number of apartments 920, in the house - from 10 to 70. At the September 2010 sales are suspended.

Construction work resumed, but being a fairly average pace. The last two months are going excavation work: clearing the site, started digging trenches under the hull, is replacement and removal of soil. Tentative completion date - 2013.

In the near future plans to begin construction of the sign of the residential complex of de luxe class, English-style «KnightsBridge». Feature of the project is that the erection of walls of houses planned by the brickwork, which Moscow has long been one of the developers do not. Sale of apartments planned for the autumn of 2010, construction has not begun.

Patriarch's Ponds area

Near Patriarch's Ponds in the final stages of construction is an elite residential house at: Sytinskaya deadlock 3A. Sales remained apartment of 376 sq.m. priced from $ 20,000 to $ 24,000 per sq ft and several apartments from 110 to 218 square meters, with the price of one square meter of $ 17000.

Among other iconic objects are two club houses in Granatny lane - it's "Grenade, G» and "Grenade Palace, whose construction is almost completed, the sale of only a few apartments.

Lubyanka area and clean ponds

In the area of Pure ponds near the Lubyanka plozadi, constructed apartment complex «Meating House» (Myasnitskaya Str. Ow. 9-11). We offer for sale 31 apartments, ranging from 67 to 393 sq.m., price per square meter ranges from $ 10000 to $ 30000. Owning a great opportunity to combine several apartments, as well as the possibility of merging the premises located on top of each other.

District Yakimanka

In spring 2010, the market re-emerged multifunctional LCD Sky House (st. Mytnaya, ow. 40-44), construction and sale of which had been suspended in connection with the crisis.

The complex consists of four residential buildings (22 and 29 floors) with panoramic windows, located in a fenced area with landscape design, landscape architecture, full-size soccer field and playground, a sports complex.

To date, sales suspended in connection with the transition to the new legal scheme, the pace of construction works somewhat reduced, work is continuing, as the underground and at ground level. Construction completion is scheduled for 4 quarter 2011

Tagansky district

Under construction are two residential complex - "Art House" (Tessinsky per. Ow. 2-6/19 and "Chocolate" (Teterensky per. Ow. 18), offers apartments in the primary market in the already built complex "11 Stanislavsky .

In the LCD "Chocolate" started work on arrangement of the facades. The apartment, an area of 153-395 sq.m. and penthouses from 227 sq.m. The complex is distinguished by an interesting, literate concept, designed to lay flat panormamnym glazing. Most apartments are equipped with wood-burning fireplaces, ceiling height - 3.6 m.

District Presnya

Symbolic object of the primary market can surely be called a project of the Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City", which occupies 60 hectares, which is known worldwide as the largest investment and construction project in Europe.

Offered for sale are apartments in the complexes of the Federation, Capital City, and Imperia Tower. Complex "Federation" may be one of the highest and most prestigious buildings in Europe, apartments are available in 62-storey tower of the "West".

In the already constructed Imperia Tower on sale are apartments of different sizes, from 99 to 230 meters, occupying the upper (43-60) floors, at prices ranging from 1,039,500 to 2,760,000 dollars.

Of the new projects include luxury house "Trilogy" at the address: Str. Trekhgorny shaft, 14, p.1. House on 75 apartments located in the final stages of construction - to date ends with finishing of facades.

Prices per square meter ranges from 245,000 to 448,000 rubles.

Also planned to build two luxury projects in the following locations:

Klimashkina Str. Vl.7/11 p.1 - home to 32 apartments, fenced area for construction.

Big Tishinsky per. D.30/44, p.1 - home to 27 apartments, fenced area for construction.
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