Overview home in the Crimea: in the top sales - one bedroom, and luxury are empty

23.03.2012 15:34
Real Estate Market Analysis | Overview home in the Crimea: in the top sales - one bedroom, and luxury are empty A few of the Crimean crisis for the real estate market years, the situation is stabilized, the company revive the frozen construction site, and buyers are beginning to once again show interest in new housing, says today.

"People do not want to, of course, buy an apartment now, when the price - not at the lowest level. But to do nothing, because if you want to get married or move, we have to look for options, "- says Eugene Luzhchenko, a sales representative from Simferopol. In September, he had already planned a wedding, give his wife's apartment to his parents do not want to get a bank loan is very difficult, so I had to borrow from relatives and seek out cheaper option - one-bedroom apartment for $ 30 thousand in the new building in the area of ​​Freedom.

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"Not to say that I satisfy the quality of housing: the entire plumbing, doors and windows need to be changed immediately, and the walls - to align. By my calculations, the repair will still have to spend about 30 thousand UAH. And there is a house on the outskirts - complains Eugene. - But there is a prospect that, after ten years there will be a nice neighborhood with a new kindergarten. And in the old housing stock into the bargain, we got to the apartment only to grandparents on a bench in front porch and a neighbor-alcoholics. "

Head of the Department of Sevastopol "Parangon" Julia Smirnova has confirmed that although the demand for apartments is growing, consumers are not ready for expensive proposals: "We leave the market only to what is now in demand. The client was very demanding, so the plan should be suspended. Popular one-bedroom apartments from 30 to 40 square meters. m, and used to be - from 40 to 50. Two-preferred from 50 to 58 square meters. m, and 60 - that's a lot. Two-bedroom apartment is - not very marketable commodity. This is due to the fact that there are no credit facilities, and 99% of people who buy real estate, do not expect the banks, but only for their money. "

Director of marketing and advertising company "Vladograd" Irina Izotov said that their company situation is somewhat different, "demand is not only" malometrazhki ", but also for large flat area, including the bedroom." According to her, how much the finished home - a demand, and if it were possible to build more - the buyer would be found.

Experts also predict that in the next year or two will be completed and sold out most of the frozen projects, but the new building there will not be soon, because the difficulties arise, mainly during the laying of the project and finding investors. "You receive a new standard in real estate. It is the ability to attract investment money into objects. Today, large building complexes can not be realized through cost-sharing, because it will lead to a rather lengthy time of implementation "- explains commercial director of the company" Consol "Victoria Hvastochenko.

As for prices, they will grow moderately in the next six months will rise by about 5-7%, which is associated with the construction cost and the cost of materials. "For example, we sell in UAH, and not in dollars, which also affects an increase in the cost of housing," - says the head of the advertising department of "Monolith" Helen Gorin.

VIP ACCOMMODATIONS - in decline. But the demand for luxury "primary" as opposed to the budget has been steadily falling, as many potential buyers are wary of new projects and to acquire not yet been put into operation area.

Businessman Paul Korogotko, a year ago started to look a new apartment in Simferopol apartment complexes, says that the market is oversaturated with offerings from those who have already acquired the house before the crisis: "People do not even have time to settle into their new apartment and make repairs as they have already started sell, leaving many buildings are half empty and uninhabited. Personally, I observed the most fashionable house in the city now - the one which allegedly had an apartment in Dzharty. But then it struck me as a tall Price - $ 120 thousand to repair it then resold for $ 145 thousand, and now - a $ 110 thousand, and no one takes. "

Irina Izotov confirms: "segment of housing class" elite "today presented very little in the city, and on the coast. New projects in this class, developers start with great caution. And the remnants of the projects 'pre-crisis' start times are available for an inadequate price, and are designed for a specific client. Housing is a good alternative to the class "business", because the optimal ratio of built-up areas, infrastructure, proposed layouts and cost. "

The most expensive - In the park near the sea

We tried to find the most expensive new home on the peninsula, and interviewing sales agents, we stopped at the apartment for $ 995.3 thousand, located on the 15th floor of a residential complex settlement Levant (Big Yalta). Along with 100 square meters. m prime residential area of ​​the owner will be entitled to leave the car on a two-level underground parking lot, use the services round the clock security, walk to the private park of 20 hectares and sunbathe on the private beach is just 200 meters from the house.

But the most expensive option - one-bedroom apartment in Kerch (Bagerovo) for $ 18 thousand: and the angle from the adjacent rooms.
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