Over half the land in Kyiv fell by 40%

10.08.2009 00:00

 Land prices in Kiev and its suburbs continue to fall. From the beginning, the cost of 1 sq.m. of land in the capital fell to 40, 2%, and in the suburbs - 36, 7%. These are the data of the Association "Land Union of Ukraine" (SoL).

As reported in LigaBusinessInform information and analysis service of the ZSU, at August 7, the average cost of a hundred square meters of land in Kyiv is $ 34 thousand 309. In the area of land under the individual building can be purchased at an average price of $ 4tys. 466 (see Table 1)..
Table 1. Indices as at 07.08.2009:

* The ZSU

ZSU analysts believe the market is approaching a price bottom. The cost of land in Kiev, adjusted for inflation, has almost reached the level of prices in September 2006, when the price was optimal.
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