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18.10.2010 18:04
Real Estate Market Analysis | On the «water» areas of town Pond near the cottage - it's water sports in summer, spring, yachting, fishing in the fall and scenic natural environment all year round. On the "water" areas of town - in the article Building.

Desired direction
Leader in terms of water resources, all the experts rightly called the Obukhov direction. And if the near Novoobuhovskoy tracks the number of reservoirs is limited, the district Staroobuhovskoy them more than enough.

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Elite array Concha Zaspa with its numerous bays, river Kozynka, Large and Small dams for more than a decade, attracted wealthy businessmen, officials and representatives of show business. No wonder that there is planned construction of many small towns: "Gold Zatoka», ZaSpaGolf, Montana Village, etc.

Some projects in Koncha Zaspa, implying residence near the water now frozen. So, for now the company DeVision suspended implementation of an elite cottage ZaSpaGolf. The developer plans to build on the island area of more than 25 hectares Yacht Club and the promenade. Also on campus was supposed to create several canals and artificial lakes. But until it exists only in the project.

With regard to Novoobuhovskoy route, there is access to water town "Sun Valley" (p. Romankiv). Part of the garden plots adjacent to the forest, other plots are located on the shores of the lake. Villagers will also benefit from the proximity of the beach area of Blue Lake.

Second largest number of lakes and rivers is Boryspilske direction. Very near Boryspil route reservoirs are practically absent, but such settlements, as Cherry, Gnedin and procedures, have access to small lakes, and the Dnieper. In sec. Cherry settled towns "Cherry Mistechko" and "Zoloche. In the cottage complex "Zoloche" on the first line the shore are 68 houses the elite class with access to water and its own private beach. The minimum cost of ownership by the water - $ 490 thousand, and nearby is the village of "cherry Mistechko. Zdec between the two lakes of 20 hectares of land manor built in 1953 with a 25-85 hectare plots. Most of the houses adjacent to water bodies and have their own beaches on the lakes and Zoloche Baklazhne. The settlement also provides boat station and the yacht club with access to the Dnieper. With Borispol direction by the number of waterways can compete Vyshgorod. Located here cottage towns, such as the Riviera Villas and Vyshgorodska Brahma, too, have access to big water - the Kiev reservoir.

Club Village Riviera Villas (20 km from Kiev, near to. Lebedivka) on one side adjacent to the Kievan sea, on the other - to the channel of the Dnieper. The town consists of three parts - French Riviera, Italian Riviera and Riviera Waterfront. The latter includes 38 residences, 23 of which are located on the first line the shore, have their own beaches, piers and slipways for boats. In the spring of 2011 in operation will be introduced first street to the French Riviera. Price cottage away from the water is about $ 695,000, while home ownership with access to the channel of the Dnieper is priced at $ 1,350,000.

Another representative of this trend - the village of "Vyshgorodska Gate" - is located on the banks of the bypass channel Kiev sea, has direct access to the Dnieper River and bordered by the mainland Dubechanskimi forests. Nearby, on the shore of the Kiev reservoir, located the yacht club. A few kilometers from the settlement proceeds Desna. To date, 10 homes have already been put into operation. In addition, the town sold to areas with a guaranteed contract, whose value depends on the square footage of house: the greater its area, the lower the price per square meter. The house is 150 square meters. m, regardless of its location, will cost $ 1250 per sqm. m, the value of the cottage is 500 square meters. m $ 500 per square. m

Also in Vyshgorodsky direction, 25 km from Kiev, near the village. Kozarovichi, planned to build villa community "Primorsk". It was supposed to arrange a private beach and marina pontoon. However, due to lack of funding, this project is frozen.

In Odessa direction, near the village. Ivankovichi, in March 2010 started the construction of the village "Mayetok. Diamant Gretsії, the second stage of the cottage complex "Mayetok. Skarbnitsya Єvropi. Commissioning is scheduled for the III quarter of 2011. The project involves construction of 31 home area of 300-500 square meters. m. Cottages will be located on either side of the river, which flows to the campus, so that each household will have access to water. Cost weave land is $ 12 thousand

Also, in the direction of Odessa is a gated development "Lake Little Farm" (23 km from Kiev, pp. Zdorovka). It is built on the river bank Stugna and adjacent to the lake, has its own beach. The town was put into operation, and all areas near the water have already been sold.

In Zhytomyr direction, 23 km from Kiev, built housing estate "Severynivka. Its natural environment includes a woodland and two lakes. "Water" the infrastructure of the town represented by two beaches and boat station. At the first beach you can fish. In the settlement on the territory of 51 ha is planned to build 326 houses. Residents are 12 types of homes area 163-601 square meters. m on sites from 9 to 25 hectare. House of 436 square meters. m near the water costs $ 800,000, while the distance from the pond - $ 530,000.

However, the lack of water resources, developers of suburban housing has not stopped. If necessary, they are creating in the towns of artificial reservoirs. All in the name of attracting customers. According to V. Stepenko, under suitable geological conditions, developers have resorted to the creation of artificial reservoirs often. But, as this increases the cost of the houses at 15-20%, the developers are trying to be limited to small ponds and channels. On such large-scale projects, such as embankments or water park, no question.

We must not forget about the risks
Despite all the advantages of living in a house near a river or lake, there are certain risks. The experts unanimously indicate that the site or a cottage near the water are not insured against flooding. This is especially true of those settlements that are built near large water bodies - the Dnieper and Kiev reservoir. In the event that will leave the shores of the Dnieper, the flood may suffer some cottage settlements in Koncha Zaspa and near the capital array Osokorki. Although experience shows that podtopit home can and in places not so close to the waterways.

Also, when buying a cottage at the lake should pay attention to the level of groundwater. It happens that because of their high levels of a certain area is not suitable for construction because the foundation and walls erected homes may eventually be formed of the crack. Under such conditions, usually used pile.

However, judging by the excitement, which causes buyers homes near the lakes, we can safely conclude: environmental and regulatory risks they were not too worried. And often the only limiting factor when buying a property is the price. Live near the water is expensive.

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