On the market of cottage settlements Kiev affected by the dollar

29.12.2015 00:15
Real Estate Market Analysis | On the market of cottage settlements Kiev affected by the dollar As of 12.29.2015, on the portal suburban real estate www.zagorodna.com in Kiev, there were 30 cottage villages, which is 8 camps more than the end of 2014. 2 of the project; 9 under construction, which is more than 3 projects; 19 built, which is 6 more. Construction of 3 campuses suspended. By type of property from townhouses championship (15 villages). They are followed cottages (12 townships) and villas at the 3 towns.

According to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, "if a detailed analysis of new projects, the market of cottage building in Kiev came mostly small projects townhouses in separate houses or more houses with townhouses. Simply from developers in the current situation Ukraine does not have "long" money to build large-scale projects. "

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As for prices in the cottage in Kiev, then at her, according to Victor Kovalenko, "strongly pressured built settlements." As of the end of 2015 the average price in the cottage in Kiev surrendered is 37080 USD / sq m, while the average cost of the "square" in the construction of cottage complex in Kiev is 21 868 UAH., T. E. The difference is palpable - 15212 USD / sq. m.

The average price of a cottage village 1kv.m in Kiev in December 2015 was 31 547 USD.compared to 21852 USD / sq m at the beginning of the year, t. e within the year "square" up to 9695 UAH. or 44.36%.

If we analyze the falling hryvnia to the dollar, the decline amounted to 33.68% during the year.

That is, given the growth rate, the growth of the cost of the "square" was only 10.68%.
According to Victor Kovalenko, "market in Kiev came townhouses with a minimum value of 8300 UAH / sq ft in the area Goloseyevsky, 10500 USD. / Sq in Darnytskyi area and 13,660 USD in Desnianskyi area."

The minimum cost of 1 square meter - 8300 UAH in a townhouse in the Guards.
The maximum cost of 1 sq.m - 84310 USD in a townhouse on Zemlyanskaya.

Victor Kovalenko
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