Oleg Repchenko: «In 2011, the suburban real estate market will recover completely»

25.03.2011 09:25
Real Estate Market Analysis | Oleg Repchenko: «In 2011, the suburban real estate market will recover completely» There is every reason to expect that the season 2011 for suburban real estate near Moscow to be more successful than the previous two.

Market recovers from the effects of the crisis will increase the activity of customers and sales, said the head of the analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market Oleg Repchenko in an interview to" Financial literacy campaign. "

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As the expert noted, the activity on the housing market in Moscow has returned to pre-crisis level last year. The number of transactions concluded in the secondary market in 2010, even more than in the prosperous 2007. In 2011, positive changes in the macroeconomy have to "walk" and to a country market that has traditionally been even more inert than the city, said Repchenko.

According to experts, increase the number of transactions in the roar and contribute to the psychological factor: tortured last summer's 40-degree heat and smog from Moscow will seek to advance to find refuge in the countryside.

What can you buy or rent on the country market? Firstly, Repchenko advised to pay attention to the so-called "long problem - sites and home ownership, located at a considerable distance from Moscow, as a rule, clean and picturesque locations: next to the forest, near major rivers and lakes. Of course, it's more seasonal housing - to get to work every day to the capital from elsewhere in the border of the Moscow and Tver regions, to put it mildly, not very comfortable. But "far give" much cheaper "neighbors" - the money spent on 8.6 hectare of Moscow, you can get 30 in the far suburbs.

Starodachnye places with well-developed infrastructure of interest primarily to those who are attached to the office and / or can not imagine life without shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, etc. With safety there, too, no problem. However, the peace and quiet in such densely populated areas should not seek, and the environmental situation in a few kilometers from the metropolis often leaves much to be desired.

Cottages or townhouses in the organized settlements are suitable for living, and therefore may well be replaced by even a city apartment. Their main drawback - the high price. Before the crisis, the average cottage cost about $ 1 million over two years, however, average prices fell by about three times, mainly due to decrease in the area of ??houses (from 500 to 250-300 square meters. M) and the development of developers less prestigious areas. Now you can buy a nice house somewhere for 10 million rubles. - About the same cost the average two-bedroom apartment in Moscow. So now there is a country cottage could afford not only an oligarch, but people with average incomes - albeit through the sale of urban housing.

For those who are primarily looking to save money, suitable plots without a contract. They are much cheaper than the finished home ownership or land with a mandatory contract for construction, for an amount of 1 million rubles. You can find quite a decent facility. However, this segment is very high risk of running into unscrupulous developer who "forget" to build the promised communication. In addition, the building's neighbors can take years, and instead of singing birds, people 10 years old will be forced to enjoy the screaming punch ...

The situation on the market right now is favorable for the acquisition of suburban real estate, added Repchenko. Prices are stable, so there is time, as should examine objects and, more importantly, in contrast to the urban market, the countryside has plenty to choose from - as compared to pre-crisis times offer even increased and become more diverse.


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