Obukhov line: Kiev «Ruble»

25.11.2010 00:15
Real Estate Market Analysis | Obukhov line: Kiev «Ruble» em> Obukhov direction is considered to be elite and the most attractive for the design of suburban real estate. It is here that originated the market of cottage building, and today in this region the largest number of construction and functioning of cottage settlements. In addition, it is here preferred to equip the residence by representatives of political and economic elites of the capital

Obukhov direction is divided into several areas: Obukhovskaya route (Capital Highway, P12), Novoobuhovskaya Highway (M04) and the Great Dam. "Both tracks are high-speed highways with good quality of road surfaces, which can accommodate cottage villages throughout - says Alla Koutsenko, Senior Consultant, Department of strategic consulting and sales of luxury residential real estate company Knight Frank LLC Ukraine. - The most prestigious and expensive is the Great Dyke, which sold mostly elite cottage villages ". Thanks to the convenient transport connections to the center of Kiev can be reached within 15-20 minutes.

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Kudos to the area is also due to abundant natural resources: there are extensive forest plantations, numerous rivers and lakes, in particular the Dnieper River and Kozynka towards Staroobuhovskoy highway and Blue Lake - in the direction Novoobuhovskoy. "Territory Concha Zaspa - historically a popular recreation area among the suburbs of Kiev - says Alla Kutsenko. - Surprisingly clean air, lakes, rivers, pine forests form a unique microclimate in the area. Today, there are Soviet-style sanatoriums Zhovten "," Concha Zaspa "," Prolіsok "," Svitanok, children's health camps "Chestnut", "Clear", "Dnipro", open modern fitness centers. "

Popularity Obukhov directions provided here create significant social infrastructure - numerous restaurants, hotels, casinos, hospitals, entertainment complexes, fitness and yacht clubs, marina and other facilities and entertainment services. "It allows developers to reduce the social infrastructure in their own campuses as the need for it disappears," - says Victoria Zorya, head of marketing corporation "Golden Gate".

On major projects

According to the company SV Development, in Obukhov direction are more than 50 cottage townships, which are at various stages of readiness. Among the built and commissioned projects (about 25 villages with a total number of households in 1400) it is worth noting, such as Bosco Village, «Albatross", "Bereginja", "water sports complex," "wave of the Dnieper," "Summer Quarter, "Green Guy", "Golden Gate" (the most ambitious project, the site began to develop before 2000), "Klim", "Konik", "Golden Gate town house", "Obrіy-K", "Kraєvid", "Plyutovo" , Romanovo, "Svitanok," "Seventh Heaven", "Silver Bay", "Soubi," "Pine Forest", "Three Rivers", "French Town". Many of these cottage settlements were built quite some time, so the infrastructure they provide more modestly than in the claimed new projects.

During the construction phase is about 20 townships, the total number of houses which is about 2900 (but now some of them frozen): DreamLand, GreenWood Club, Montana Village, Honey Hills, ZaSpaGolf, «Alexandrov Posad", "Alpine Village" ("Alpiyka ")," Bezradichi "," Blagomaks, Greenwich Hill "," Greenfield "," Gold inflow "," Concha Zaspa "," Forest Lake "," Transfiguration, "" Renaissance "," Solar Valley " "Sunbeam", "Farm Clear," "South Amphitheater. Projects to date about eight villages, including about 1000 households. In this area are developing projects of cottage townships VIP-class. "At the current moment in the direction of the Obukhov realized mainly cottage villages elite class - about 74% of the total number of projects", - said Alla Kutsenko. Also, she says, is the share of ready-built cottage and small towns is about 30% of cottage townships, Kyiv region.

Pros and cons of the direction of the Obukhov

A favorite place for country living representatives of the Ukrainian elite, as well as wealthy foreign nationals deemed it Obukhov direction. According to experts, in the long term popularity of the area will only grow due to several factors: due, firstly, the rich natural resources, and secondly - the social environment (own residence here has virtually the entire political and business elite of the country), and thirdly, reasonably well developed (compared with other areas) infrastructure. In particular, according to Oleg Tereshchenko, creator cottage Honey Hills, «today is building the center of winter sports, as well as the whole system of five-star services (fitness center, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, beach, bowling, including children, billiards, etc.) that will be able to cover all the nearby villages of Concha Zaspa to Ukrainka. In the direction of developing a network of trails Staroobuhovskoy yacht clubs with access to the Dnepr. According to the company Knight Frank LLC Ukraine, taking into account the announced projects in Novoobuhovskom direction already by 2012 the share of projects, business class and economy grow.

At the same time Obukhov direction has some drawbacks. "The close proximity to the ground solid waste № 5, Tripoli thermal and ground construction waste number 1, as well as constant namyvka sand from the Dnieper negatively affect the ecology of the neighborhoods of this direction," - says Alla Kutsenko. In addition, according to Victoria Dawn, "a significant amount of wetland areas requires additional cost to the developer on their drainage.

Nevertheless, experts predict a further rise in popularity Obukhov direction, and in future it could turn into a gated suburb of the capital.
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