New Year's fever in the property market

22.11.2010 09:25
Real Estate Market Analysis | New Year At this point, the real estate market is in the post-crisis state. However, most market participants prefer to ignore it, explaining the processes that run on it on the basis of their unfulfilled expectations.

There are specialists in the market that are still constantly compare the current market rates with the pre-crisis period, fixing their attention on the number and amount of transactions is not given the lack of mass mortgage lending. There are experts who are trying to portray all of the pessimistic tone, here and there, using the phrase "no deals", "market worth", "no demand" and the like. And there is another large group of speakers, who hold the view that: come the new season (spring, fall, New Year's Election, Euro 2012, etc.) and market or sharply works as in 2006-2008, either abruptly collapses, and the property will be sold for a symbolic sum.

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It is now appropriate so-called "pre-New Year season" - the next peak, which supposedly has all dramatically changed. And yet: what actually needs to happen? Several large-scale economic reforms? Implementation of the banks affordable mortgage programs? The fall of world currencies?

For our part we would like to note the following:
- Seasonality, as such there was no market, there are stereotypes of market participants;
- The real estate market is functioning perfectly fine, comparing the current market with the "market of 2006-2008, as a" market-90s "is absolutely not appropriate, especially if it is accompanied by the conclusions" if the transactions at times less then the market is, has stagnated, falling apart , waits to be in poor condition, etc. - The market waits for no man;
- The current real estate market - a market trade-offs between buyers and sellers. "Opposition parties" - has long been over. Talking about it may be only those who do not seek or can not or do not want to find a compromise.

In conclusion, it should be said that now more than ever, all the processes that occur on the real estate market, depend on the participants themselves - on their ability and willingness to make concessions in order to achieve what you want. Anyone who is open to dialogue, reach goals faster and get more.

Ludmila Druzenko, CEO of the network of real estate agencies Real Druzi
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