New: the crisis is over?

26.06.2011 09:20
Real Estate Market Analysis | New: the crisis is over? Authorities are taking more and more documents, which should facilitate the work of developers and ultimately - reduce the cost of housing. However, in practice, new housing is still unaffordable. When will the new laws?

Smoothly - only on paper

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Authorities raise the issue of reduction in price of housing is not the first year. Even before the crisis, the Cabinet adopted a decree according to which the builders shot the lion's share of payments and allocations to local budgets. In addition, it significantly reduced the number of apartments that have a construction company was to be donated to transfer the city. The desired effect but could not see: the crisis broke out, Komsomolskaya Pravda.

When the trouble subsided, it turned out: government innovation and have not worked on lowering prices and improving quality. But worked in a different direction - against potential newcomers.

- On the one hand, the builders have stopped filling the urban housing free of charge "squares, thus depriving the waiting any chance was to wait for his corner - analyzes the real estate market expert Alex Sotnikov. - The other - the company, using his new position and relaxed the conditions of reception house in operation, is in no hurry to secure the objects handed over a fully working communications, minimal infrastructure. Refers to the home economy class. People often enter a home without electricity, gas and water, without a garden or a playground in the backyard. Theoretically, the entire burden of servicing new developments can and should take the local authorities, but it is obvious that they are, to put it mildly, interesting.

Unshakable "square"

Deductions are eliminated, the coordination of projects, permits, the procedure of putting into operation - simplified to the extreme. It would seem that all the water flowing to the mill construction. Where is the cheapest meter?

According to the developers, the causes of "steadfastness prices" somewhat. In particular, managed to significantly increase construction costs.

- Since January 2008, it rose twice - says the project director of "NEST" (PAO "Real Estate Capital), Vitaly Grusevich. - This is firstly due to the substantial rise of the dollar: Many building materials are imported from abroad. In addition, the increased cost of energy.

And his colleague - general director of OOO "Gradstroy Victor Vlasov - adds: that the builders were working on the conscience, must constantly raise their salaries, which also affects the cost of the final product.

Another reason for not being able to reduce prices - the imperfection of the laws, experts are convinced.

- Standards were discharged in a hurry, the laws often were more populist in nature - continues Alexander Sotnikov. - In addition to many standards have earned, it takes time. For example, leniency ROW, approval of construction will be relevant only now, for those who are just starting to build. And the fact that rents have already been built and are now on sale, located in areas that are three or four years ago received builders, won the "auction of bribes."

Finally, the main aspect: the state, initiating a flurry of new laws, was not ready to support the industry financially.

What was taken?

I understand that the interest claimed by banks for loans, in practice, translate into significantly higher interest rates. Let's be honest count: how today the average cost of bank loans for small businesses? In what banks and the currency in which the entrepreneur can get a loan? N. Kuleshov, Kiev region.

Representatives of the banking sector argue that the currently effective rate for a loan to entrepreneurs is about 22% per annum. Although the average annual in grivna have not yet reached pre-crisis level, gradually, by tenths of a percent every month, they are still declining. Representatives of the banks' claim that lend to small and medium businesses are more likely, but among such companies every month, the fraction of the debtors.

Below the line

What does it take to laws applicable to the benefit of all - the builders, and future settlers - still there? All experts agree that in Ukraine it is time to address the issue globally: to adapt to our conditions of European building legislation, like other CIS countries. This would cause the confidence of foreign investors and reduce the cost of construction - developers would be able to use energy efficient materials. By the way, has recently become known: Minregionstroy prepared a draft decree on the application of construction standards, harmonized with EU norms. Alas, to predict for sure that this document will be valid until it is taken none.


From 25% to 35% - the cost of materials and labor
Up to 30% - addressing "envelope"
7-20% - the transfer of apartments in city housing
10% - contributions to the city budget (social sphere, infra-
10% - to connect to networks and communications
8% -% fee on loans
5% - contribution to the trust fund city budget to the construction
2,5% - deduction for the development and strengthening material-technical base of fire protection
2% - service apartments
1.5% - Advertising


55% - the cost of materials and labor
Up to 17% - addressing "envelope"
Up to 15% - Payment% and delinquencies on loans
To 9% - Advertising
2% - transfer of apartments in city housing
2% - contributions to the city budget (social sphere, infra-

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