New suburbs: what, where, for how much?

05.10.2010 10:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | New suburbs: what, where, for how much? Moscow region continues to be built. Interest to consumers are not only the city of satellites, but also so-called middle belt area, where you can buy high-quality housing at lower prices.

Urban development, caught in the area suburbs, tentatively called the median, depending on the direction and quality of roads, infrastructure, availability of core enterprises, providing employment for the local population. The most intense housing development is where the relationship between these factors is stronger. Accordingly, the proposal for new buildings here are quite extensive.

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In the prestigious western and south-western part of Moscow region is located a few towns, which experts said the real estate market as most of built. This Zvenigorod, Istra, Aprelevka and Troitsk. According to leading analyst CSF Leader Sergei Grudolova, the main buyers of property in them, tend to be local residents, as well as visitors from other Russian regions are selected for a low cost options, says the magazine Real Estate and prices.

According to Artem Rzhavsky, head of consulting and analytics company "ABC Housing", just at the end of July 2010 in the open sale in Moscow were presented more than 560 residential housing buildings. Of them, Zvenigorod had 3% of the total proposal, to Aprelevka - 1,5%, Troitsk, Russia - 0,6%, Istra - 0,4%. For comparison: the highest rates in the bulk supply of new buildings of Moscow region in recent years, retain its satellite towns of Moscow: Krasnogorsk (6%), Odintsovo (5,8%) and Balashikha (5,4%).

Zvenigorod: new construction in the ancient city

"From the reporting pool settlements largest number of new buildings, including the stage of the project, located in one of the oldest towns in the Moscow region - Zvenigorod", - says Sergey Grudolov. Currently, a city with established infrastructure, good transport accessibility (road and rail), a supportive environment. Local new buildings are attractive not only in terms of investment, but also the permanent residence. According to experts, in this small town with a population of just over 14 thousand people, there are six objects in varying degrees of readiness. This apartment complexes "Native expanses", "Resort", "Zarechny", "Chekhov, as well as homes in neighborhoods Pronino and East.

In particular, in the district of East building is divided into two stages: the first includes the case number 1, 4 and 5. It is planned that housing will be handed over to the state commission before the end of 2010, construction work on the second stage are just beginning - it's hull number 2, 3, 6. Contract to purchase real estate here is in accordance with 214 FL. At present, this residential complex are a variety of housing options. In particular, in case number 4, there are one-, two-, three-room apartments with a total area of 46-79 square meters. m. In case number 5 - the same set of rooms in apartments, but their area varies from 41 to 84 square meters. m. The minimum bid price - 36 thousand rubles. per 1 sq.m.

Micro Pronin (korp. № 6, 7, 9) have already put the state commission. Buildings represented one-, two-, three-section monolithic-brick houses tall 14/12/1910 floors. The ground floors allocated for placement service infrastructure: offices of the bank, supermarket, pharmacy, beauty salon, a fitness center. A general improvement of the territory, organized playground, outdoor guest parking. In addition, the district provides for the construction of a kindergarten for 120 places. Sales are flat: one room - 35-61 square meters. m doubles - 62-102 square meters. m and three - 94-131 square meters. m. Price offers - 43-57 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m

Completed construction and LCD "Native expanses" on the street. Basil factory. Monolith-brick house consists of six sections of height four, five, six floors. On the lower floors provide retail, office space, as well as space for public use. Surrounding area is fenced and landscaped. The house presents one-bedroom apartments. The minimum area of 37 square meters. m, maximum - 81 sqm. m. The price of 1 square. m starts from 54 thousand rub.

LCD Chekhov (Chekhov str, 1) - one of the most prestigious sites of Zvenigorod. It offers customers a one-four-room apartment in the monolithic-brick building is a variable number of storeys (five and six storeys) and costs from 4,1 up to 10,1 million rubles. (65 to 90 thousand rubles).. The area of apartments ranges from 50 to 135 square meters. m. The territory is fenced and guarded round the clock. Additional security to tenants provide concierges. According to the company INCOM-estate ", after completion of construction on the first floor of the complex will open a beauty salon, coffee shop, a hairdresser, a shop sports apparel, dry cleaning, pharmacy, laundry and other facilities.

Troitsk and Aprelevka - closer to Moscow

Troitsk and Aprelevka in common is that, although they are assigned to the middle zone of the Moscow region, but are closer to these other cities - at a distance of about 20 and 26 km from Moscow, respectively. In the last decade, these cities have been developed. Along with modern residential complexes are built and infrastructure, improve transport links with Moscow.

According to A. Rzhavsky, the target audience of home buyers in these cities is divided into three groups, which consists of Muscovites, the locals (including those living in the neighboring towns of Moscow region), as well as citizens arriving from other regions of Russia. The overall picture for Aprelevka and the Trinity is as follows: percentage of Muscovites is about 64% of all buyers of new construction, 23% are local residents, while the remaining 12% - of visitors from other regions of Russia.

According to the FNC "Leader", is currently in Troitsk in the market are two new buildings, in Aprelevka - three.

A major project Troitsk located on the street. Hill, md Mr. E-21, on the bank. Gums. The complex includes four one-and two-piece cast-in-brick houses of different heights, with a ground floor for office and technical facilities. The top two floors of single-section homes are scheduled penthouses. Apartments for rent without finishing. In case number 4 (this one-section 17-storey tower) you can buy apartments with a total area of 38 to 161 square meters. m. at a price of 54 to 76 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m

The second object is located at the October Avenue, ow. 3 (MCR-ND). This 17-storey monolith-brick house with 176 apartments with underground parking for 154 cars. The project includes one-bedroom apartments ranging from 42 to 91 square meters. pm Deadline - II quarter of 2011 is interesting that this object is almost not advertised, most of the apartments sold out by local residents. Price of 1 square. m - 55-65 thousand rubles.

In Aprelevka experts corporation "INCOM" isolated LC "Aprelevka. He is a three-section monolithic-brick building with a height of 14 floors. Ground floor reserved for shops, cafes, service enterprises, beauty salon, fitness club. It held landscaping and planting adjacent territory: arranged in lawns, flower beds, children's and sports grounds, open guest parking. In walking distance is a grocery and construction markets, as well as the recreation area on the forested area. LCD deposited HA. On sale were one-and two-bedroom apartments ranging from 46 to 65 sq. m. Price - from 60 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m

LCD New Aprelevka located on the park street, near the train station and not far from downtown. It is a somewhat monolithic brick buildings (10, 12 and 14 floors) with a one-bedroom apartment area from 45 to 93 square meters. m. Sections 4, 5, 6, already in operation, and in sections 1, 2, 3, completed construction and installation work. Price of 1 square. m - 54 thousand rubles. a one-bedroom apartments, 49 thousand rubles. - A one-bedroom and 50 thousand rubles. - In the bedroom.

The third object is located on the street. Field and includes three 12-14-storey building. One house has been delivered, on the other two are the installation works. Developer plans to complete construction of the IV quarter. 2011 is now available for sale and two bedroom apartments from 66 to 88 square meters. m. Depending on the floor and the selected plan two-bedroom apartments are selling at prices ranging from 40.5 to 49 thousand rubles. and two bedroom - from 41 to 50 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m


Istra is removed from the Ring Road for 40 km. For this reason, the share of Muscovites in the overall structure of demand is somewhat lower at 24% ", - says A. Rzhavsky. The majority of buyers - locals, they are almost 2 / 3. And the citizens of other regions of Russia accounts for just over 10% of actual demand.

According to the FNC "Leader" in the town of Istra and its suburbs now has four buildings. This house on the street. Working, 27, and in the townships Glebovsky, Novopetrivs'ke and Pavlovskaya Sloboda. Pyatnadtsatietazhny monolith-brick house on the street. Working commissioned in 2009, but the market still has a one-bedroom apartments ranging from 42 to 88 square meters. m. The minimum bid price - 61 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. The house in the village Novopetrivs'ke also delivered. This five-story brick apartment building with one-bedroom apartment ranging from 50 to 102 square meters. m. Housing for sale at a price of 44 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m

Concerning the analysis of current price situation, as at July 2010 (according to ASC MIEL), the average price in the primary market in Zvenigorod was 41.4 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m - this is 5,9% more than at the beginning of the year. In the Troitsk marked increase of 1,8% (57,5 thousand rubles. For 1 square. M). In Aprelevka, on the contrary, there was a decline in average prices by 4,5% to 44,7 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m
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