New suburb of Kiev: analysis and forecasts

02.09.2010 07:25
Real Estate Market Analysis | New suburb of Kiev: analysis and forecasts The attention of developers to the suburbs of Kiev was drawn from the moment when it became clear that a significant portion of potential buyers willing to live at some distance from the capital. Typically, such a step were solved by those who thought housing in the city is too expensive. Thus began a perfectly natural process of outflow of middle-income people from the capital city with too high prices in the cheaper suburbs.

Although the capital markets remains a priority for construction companies, more and more developers seek to take a new promising niche - the construction of apartment buildings in the villages and suburbs of Kiev. They are ready to invest in the development of infrastructure in villages and towns build schools, clinics, pharmacies, stadiums and roads. Compared with the construction of cottage, erection of skyscrapers in the country - a less costly. In addition, the demand for such housing is, therefore, despite the lower yield (20-25%) compared with the Kiev project investments pay off faster, but due to the rapid turnover means you can always invest in these facilities.

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A special feature of developments in Kyiv can be called that in the capital has been and still is a lot of areas where accessibility is often lower than many suburbs. And the prices "vnutrikievskoe" consistently above the suburban housing.

Why suburb?
Unmet demand for apartments in the capital of Ukraine and the rampant price increases are forcing many to seek more affordable housing in nearby towns. The most in demand apartment in eleven major satellite city of Kiev. Among them - Vyshgorod.
According to the marketing of construction and investment company "Kiev Lodging Invest today the most active are built Brovary and Vyshgorod - these cities account for 42% of the total housing construction in the Kiev region. Brovary and Vyshgorod are most attractive for the construction, because they have convenient transport communication with Kyiv and infrastructure.
The volume of construction of new homes in the suburbs grow year by year not only because of demand growth. Builders welcomed the fact that build in the area much easier than in the capital. Say, fewer problems with land allocations and any permit or concord documentation. In contrast to the capital, many satellite cities have vacant lots for construction of housing complexes, and not to the detriment of already built homes. So in the suburbs yet is rarely seen fashioned "candle", squeeze between the shabby "Khrushchev". And it also stimulates the developers.
Of course, wishing to acquire an apartment in Vyshgorod becomes more and more. For example, in Vyshgorod, as described in the local City State Administration, only 10% of apartments in newly constructed homes bought indigenous vyshgorodtsy. Over time, the number of commuters may be growing even faster, as officials plan to build up the satellites social housing. In particular, this stated earlier the head of city planning, architecture and infrastructure of the Kiev regional state administration Ivan Shpilevsky.
According to data from different sources, in Vyshgorod per 1 m2 of housing in the new building will have to pay at least $ 1400-1600. And this despite the fact that the capital of the cheapest apartments are offered at $ 1600 per 1 m2 (we are talking about objects HC Kyivmiskbud). However, as it turned out, buy a small "edinichku" or "kopeck piece" in the newly built or newly built house in the capital is impossible. Such apartments for sale just not there.
As a result of the rapidly growing demand, which polled experts believe the main culprit for rise in prices for apartments in the cities of the satellite.

The increase in demand in the multifamily segment, country houses, first and foremost influenced by the increased cost of Kiev apartments of economy class, and recently also in deficit of one-and two-bedroom apartments that offer a stable companies.
In Satellites of Kiev demand for one-, two-and three-bedroom apartments are distributed uniformly. Three bought mainly by those who want to significantly improve their living conditions, daring to do to move from Kiev. One-and two-bedroom apartments are purchased, usually in the process of changing machines, often migrants from other cities who have sold their homes on a small home.

The undeniable advantage of housing in the suburbs, is a small footage. For example, the total area of one-room apartment in Vyshgorod (in a new building) does not exceed 40 m2, and two-bedroom - 70 m2. This greatly reduces the cost of buying housing. Besides residential houses in the suburbs of the capital rarely have more than 9 floors, which allows to equip the house of independent heating systems and water supply.
Demand for apartments in the satellite spurred more and the prospect of an early entry into a number of cities, including Cherry and Vyshgorod in the line of Kiev.

They say that the market for a suburban high-rise real estate depends on the demand for the capital's housing market, rather, on the availability of apartments. The quality of housing in the residential complexes located in the suburbs, often higher than Troyeschina or Borshchagovka. Now the purchase of housing in the suburbs is a profitable investment for the middle class. But for less affluent people buying apartments in the suburbs - perhaps the only chance for a roof over your head to work or study in the capital.

Construction output grow
When choosing the place of residence is taken into account that the General Plan of development of Kyiv 2020 provides for development of suburban areas, Vyshgorod, Gatnoe, TMA "Seagull".
Construction of apartment houses in nearby towns to the capital meant more for the middle class, which stimulates the development of a multi-storey building in the area. In 2000, the regional builders have passed only 68 thousand square meters. m in multifamily buildings (five times less than in 1995). Then came the slow growth of balancing on the level of 100-130 sq. m

Experts divide the metropolitan suburb three territorial zones. The first consists of the localities which are located within 10-15 minutes drive from Kiev. The second - those to which the capital should get about half an hour. The third area includes cities and towns, located about an hour's drive from Kiev

According to realtors, the price of such real estate "customize" visitors from different regions of Ukraine, based in Kiev, but can not afford to buy more expensive metropolitan housing. Most buyers of suburban property - young families and citizens who use bank loans.

Builder - simpler, buyers - cheaper
Around the capital at the moment, the most common two types of construction: cottage villages "in the open field and apartment buildings in existing settlements. It is worth a closer look at the latest, because they tend to have a big advantage - a more developed infrastructure. Yes, and do not necessarily have a car to comfortably reach them in the capital.

Capital "swallow" the closest suburb?

According to the General Development Plan of Kiev, in the city is planned to include the following localities (by area):
Boryspil - Rural Vishenki, Gnedin, mercury;
Brovarskyi - Rural Zazimya, vault;
Vyshgorodsky - Vyshhorod, sat Petrivtsi, Old Petrivtsi;
Kiev Svyatoshinsky - Vyshneve, Chabany village, village Kotsyubinskoe, sat Gatnoe, Gorenka, Kryukovshchina, Foresters, Novoselki, Peter and Paul Borschagivka, Sofievskaya Borschagivka, Peter, Hodosovka, Khotov;
Obukhov - smt Kozin, village New Bezradichi, Podgortsy, Pluta, Romankiv.
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