New buildings in the Kiev region revived

03.01.2011 15:08
Real Estate Market Analysis | New buildings in the Kiev region revived Today, 22 December, the press center IA LigaBusinessInform hosted a roundtable on "Building housing Круглый стол в ЛигаБизнесИнформ 22.12.2010in Ukraine: results, forecasts, change."
A report entitled "Review of new construction of suburban-2010" by the director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko.

Consulting company "RealEkspo" (Kiev) has monitored 367 new buildings in the suburbs of Ukraine in the 18 regions, including 127 new buildings to 108 new buildings early in the year in the Kiev region, which occupies the number of newly second place in Ukraine after the Crimea (183 objects).

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According to the director Victor Kovalenko, "on December 21 of the 127 new buildings of 26.77% (34 facilities) are located in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area (excluding the 21 new buildings in Irpen and 8 in Bucha), for a total of 63 new buildings (49.6%).
Second place among the districts in Boryspil district (24 new buildings), which corresponds to 18.89% of the total number of suburban buildings.
Third place in Brovarsky area - 12 new buildings, which corresponds to 9.44%.
Of the 127 newly suburban Kiev region in the 26-year construction completed, 93 new buildings (73.22%) is under construction and sales, only 8 new buildings planned to start construction (6.29%).

By the number of "frozen" buildings Kiev region leads in Ukraine: 27 new buildings (21.25% of the total).

Minimum price in new notes in the Kiev region Kiev Svyatoshinsky area at $ 400 (down -36% YTD). This new building, located in Irpen on the street. Matrosov, 2.
Maximum price "square" reaches its maximum in 1700 dollars in the apartment complex "Sunbeam" Obukhov district.
Стоимость новостроек в Киевской областиAverage price of 1 square meter new building of the Kiev region, as of 12/21 21,010 is 897 dollars, which is below only 5.18% compared with January 2010.
At an average cost per square meter lead Obukhov district with 1,114 dollars, and closes the list Kagarlyksky and Boguslavsky districts with $ 625 per "square".
The average fall in the region ranges from 1.75 to 11.5%. An exception is the new building in Boguslawska area. Drop from the year beginning 1 square meter was 29.78%.
Noted a slight rise in the cost of Vyshgorodsky area and Bucha from 3.5 to 9.43%.
As said Victor Kovalenko, "due to the fact that in Irpen currently constructed 19 new buildings, the cost of 1 sq ft is significantly decreased in the newly constructed facilities.
In addition, developers in the new object substantially reduced the area of the apartments.
These factors can bring the city additional private investors. "
Victor Kovalenko
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