Nadezhda Shevchenko: «We are waiting for a new stage of development of the real estate market»

10.01.2011 11:02
Real Estate Market Analysis | Nadezhda Shevchenko: «We are waiting for a new stage of development of the real estate market» I would like to talk about what we expect in the coming year. 2011 will mark the beginning of formation of a new stage of market development.

1. Do you expect the arrival of the real estate market of large foreign capital? Interest from international investors to the market is gradually restoring, and in 2011 we see growth in the number of deals involving foreign capital, (the basis for the inference is and final stages of negotiations on many projects and sites that are maintained by developers at the moment, as well as increase the number of queries Representatives from major international financial institutions). However, the excitement in the market is not predicted. International investors are very cautious and very izberatelno relate to projects and even "country" risk plays an important role difitsit attractive investment assets (the right concept, "the order of the documents, transparent conditions for participation in the project). Most of transactions in 2010, was signed by attracting local investors, followed by the Russian capital, and only the third in foreign investment. In addition to the "country risk" a deterrent to foreign investors exit the market of Ukraine has been and remains deffitsit quality investment-attractive assets.

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2. Continue the trend of total reconception projects. Renewal of the investors as a signal for asset owners are not willing to invest earlier in consulting, engaging with the professional consultants. Many companies have already adjusted their designs, making them generally less ambitious and more adequate market situation (repositioning projects, simplifying designs, reducing the number of storeys, reducing the area of apartments, changing layouts, and so on.)

3. Increased competition in the market practicality and selectivity of consumers, will link to promote the emergence of new formats on the market of real estate, bring new ideas and more practical solutions for managing Commercial objects (first of all it touches torgovoro segment).

4. The increase in lending in the market of real estate development. In the second half of 2010, some banks have already started to take the initiative and discuss the prospects of cooperation with developers. And as experience shows selection of projects for investment lending will depend not on the segment, and the specific project and its characteristics (in each segment have nice facilities, liquid at any time).

5. Any significant changes in pricing in the market will not happen. (Details of the forecasts and market trends, real estate described in the annual report of the Aurora Development)

The crisis of 2008-2010. Is the first crisis for the development market in Ukraine, which is still very young and not fully developed. He gave a good lesson to all the participants real estate market and gave a very Shoroshim experience to those who survived. Companies that will accurately relate to the risks and clearly maintain fiscal discipline.

New year - it's always new plans and hopes, victories and achievements. Let all your endeavors are successful, and the family home will be full of peace and prosperity!

Nadezhda Shevchenko
Aurora Development
Director General
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