Moscow land market: characteristics, trends, the situation

06.09.2010 10:42
Real Estate Market Analysis | Moscow land market: characteristics, trends, the situation For the land market in the Moscow region in 2010, characterized by the discrepancy between the price expectations of potential buyers of land and the prices that sellers ask.

In the II half of 2009, the offer price of land was at its minimum, and has since remained stable. At the same time buyers are usually not willing to pay for the land requested by the sellers price, resulting in the period from early 2009 to the present time very few deals signed in the land market.

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The biggest deal with the crisis in the land market in the Moscow region was completed in March 2010 - The land area is 30 hectares.

It is important to note that a number of companies put up for sale their existing sites in late 2008 - early 2009, in 2010, refused to sell the land, returning to the plans for the independent development of their plots. As examples, companies such as Villagio Estate (a division of INCOM), Rolf and X5 Retail Group.

Land near the Moscow Ring Road
Autonomous segment of the land market in the Moscow region are land along the Ring Road. Demand for sites adjacent to Moscow, forming large retailers, as well as sellers and distributors of Honda-Tech.

The offer price areas in the Moscow Ring Road on average about $ 3 million per hectare (in the absence of charges), while the demand is concentrated in the price range of $ 1,8-2 million / ha. As a result of mismatch of price expectations of market transactions in this segment has long been concluded. Currently, several market participants are negotiating the acquisition of the site area of 20 hectares - if the parties come to a compromise, the deal will be the first acquisition of a large area in the Ring Road from the beginning of the crisis.

The structure of demand

Potential buyers of land in the Moscow region are the manufacturing and trading company, plans to actively develop.

Among the retailers that have adopted budgets for development and are ready to purchase plots in the Moscow Ring Road, you can call the Real, Leroy Merlin, Kesko («K-Routh and new for Russia brands of grocery chains), the X5," Maksidom "(St. Petersburg's DIY network is looking for land within Ring Road).

Land inside the ring A107 (near Betonka) considering several food producers, as well as at least two representatives of the engineering industry.

Another significant group of buyers of land - developers of warehouses. A number of major players stock market (PNK, Raven, NLC, etc.) are now actively looking for sites, seeking to quickly begin construction of warehouses, to catch the first to enter the "post-crisis" storage market with new objects. In most cases, the requested price sellers are suitable for warehouse Land Development sites make construction of warehouses financially inefficient.

More than 80% of demand accounted for sites within the "near Betonka. Land outside of the ring road, passing at a distance of 25-30 km from Moscow, but its attractive price and are considered by companies with limited funds for development.

In terms of direction, most in demand of land along the Leningrad sh. in the north and along the Simferopol, Novokashirskogo and Novoryazanskoye sh. in the south of Moscow region.

Price Guide
The cost of land supply in the Moscow region varies considerably depending on the direction and distance from Moscow.

Limited supply of industrial land along the New Riga, Leningrad and Dmitrovsky sh. against the backdrop of high demand for these areas determines the high cost of land along these lines. At the same time no less popular areas along the Simferopol and Kashirsky sh. are cheaper due to the large volume of supply of land, which not so long ago had been withdrawn from agricultural use and transferred to the category "industrial land" and "land settlements".
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