Market development of suburban buildings - 2010

24.08.2010 09:20
Real Estate Market Analysis | Market development of suburban buildings  - 2010 Was the topic of speech Artem Novikov, Managing Partner of consulting company "Dialog Classic" at the press conference "Market of suburban real estate -2010" in Interfax.

? Level of demand from the pre-crisis level of 10% -15%. The main reasons: no running programs mortgage at competitive rates for potential buyers, lower income levels, the crisis of confidence

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to the developers.
? Principal transactions: the secondary market and put into operation the primary real estate, there is interest in finding and acquiring secured apartments at below market prices.
? Today buyers are people who have savings
and acquire property or to improve their living conditions in the future, or want to keep the accumulated funds in the national currency, investing in real estate for subsequent lease.
? As of mid-2010 began to play a role and a psychological factor - many are aware that a substantial reduction in prices in the future will not be. The result - an interest in one-and two-bedroom apartment in well built houses began to gradually resume.

? According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine in 2009 in the Kiev region was put into operation 680.1 thousand square meters. meters of housing, or 41,6% less than the previous year.
? More than 90% of housing construction in the Kiev region, which offer apartments for sale, have the delays in construction time compared to the originally announced plans. Finishing work sites in the main developers, who work closely with affiliated banking institutions, and only for projects with a high degree of readiness. The overall situation with the time due to objective reasons: reducing demand for primary real estate, a significant increase in the cost of credit resources and a lack of sources of their receipt. As a result, most developers had to revise their financial strategies: search for new financial partners, with the possibility of co-financed completion of the most liquid and facilities for its own account and sell ready-made dwelling or enlarge the terms of construction based on the actual dynamics of income necessary funds.
? The level of prices for primary residential real estate projects of Kiev region, which is under construction, is located within 650-1 100 USD. U.S. sq.m. The average cost of about 900 sq ft long. USA. The fact that commissioning increases the cost of real estate for at least 10-15%.

? Influence of infrastructure on the cost of square. m of housing. Zooming prices
residential real estate in Brovary after the project TRC "Terminal".
? Changing a model implementation of multi-family housing project. Previously: Investing in land, project coordination and 0y cycle - the developer, other customers and the Bank. Today: investments to commissioning - Developer and the Bank, after entering forward to Customers.
? The crisis has proved a difficult time best selling apartments with literate ergonomic layouts of small squares.
? Increased popularity with developers selling apartments ready for repairs. Previously: populate the year and do repairs, today: settle and live. The advantage for developers - extra money on repair of apartments, on the background of the general trend of declining profitability of the construction business.
? The division of the market on the conceptual and model (noname) projects. The development of naming of residential real estate. The strategy of differentiation advantages.
? The long-term trend in the presence of long-term money from the developer: "Why rent an apartment and pay rent when you can buy yours!".
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