Market cottages: demand hit a price

16.09.2010 07:52
Real Estate Market Analysis | Market cottages: demand hit a price The basis of the demand for country houses today is an economy Cement. However, for a small amount buyers want to get

"Complete minced, including communications, maintenance and infrastructure. But until that supply and demand do not find each other, because even the banks sell mortgage houses at market prices.

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Time "economy"
Summer and early fall showed increased sales in the suburban real estate. According to director of consulting company "Trajectory" Irina Golovnev, they have the number of transactions rose by 11,7% compared to last summer, and on 3,8% - from spring 2010 confirmed by the growth in demand compared with the APPG and the director of EA "Ed" Andrei Goncharov.
The greatest demand is observed at the cottage economy-class area of 200 square meters. m, in the price range of $ 150-200 thousand a land 6-8 hectare. And for this price the client wants to live in the equipped cottage house, with objects of social infrastructure and convenient transport interchange. A house should be ready at 100% and in finishing works. In this segment, according to I. Golovnev, the main demand is for homes up to $ 150 thousand, an area of 120-180 square meters. m with a plot of 12 hectare. For this amount potential buyers are ready to buy a home without finishing, but with painted communications. Less search houses cost from $ 300 thousand, an area of 250 square meters. m, with a plot of 10 hectare. The most popular among these buyers today such directions: Kiev Sviatoshynsko, Obukhov, Vyshgorodskiy, Boryspil.

At the same time in the business segment, according to Goncharov, demand has dropped significantly. Transactions, if they exist only in the price range of $ 350-500 thousand, whereas before, the main demand is for homes priced at $ 500-600 thousand, however, the requirements for footage of homes has not changed - the house area of 250-350 square meters. m, with a backyard plot of 10-20 hectare, high quality exterior finish, with a modern layout, terrace, swimming pool and / or sauna.

"Such proposals are also on the market, but not all the towns in its concept can be taken to respond to the class" business ", especially a" puncture "with access roads, availability of necessary infrastructure, natural features," - said I. Golovnev. Therefore, according to her, today's buyer is considering not only at home in cottage settlements, but also in the satellite town of the capital. Such clients are attracted by the fact that sattelity more saturated targets of household and social infrastructure, have good access roads, many of them are surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. The most popular Boryspil, Irpen, Bucha, Vorzel, Gostomel, Belogorodka, Brovary etc.
Chaotic structure also remains valid, because it allows to choose the location of houses, planning, architectural afford exclusivity, which is not the cottage town. In addition, such homes often are sold with maintenance and furniture, while in the cottage towns are rather difficult to find not just a home for repairs, but has just fully constructed.

Price at the forefront of Today the average price of a square. m at home in the cottage of the Kiev region of $ 1345 (including the cost of land). According to a leading expert on suburban real estate Klovskiy Branch of the "Blagovest" Yuri Bufiusa, the average price of country houses near Kiev in January-August 2010 compared with the APPG decreased by 45-55%. Realtor said that if during the past year, country houses became cheaper, then in the beginning of the current prices are stabilized. Earlier, in his words, the price decline was due primarily to a desire to quickly sell the facility to repay the loan, or solve problems with business, but now the majority owners of suburban housing, these issues were already decided, so do not want to lower prices for their property, and prefer to wait. At the same time buyers, according to Goncharov, are increasingly asked to find a good offer, but cheaper. "For example, a cottage for $ 200 thousand, which until the crisis was worth $ 500 thousand, but it is a myth. There are no offers on the market ", - he says, adding that the expected collateral in the market has not appeared. The fact that banks are selling, it is consistent with market prices.
Find a good discount can be among the proposals in the unfinished cottage town. In addition to official actions and sales, potential buyers can expect to drop prices, if we agree wait until construction is not a year and a half or two, or order a repair from the builder, rather than use the services outsourcers.

According to realtors, the term exposure than ever dependent on Exhibited prices. Previously the customer had the opportunity to ask the bank for the missing amount, but now they can only rely on their own financial capabilities, so the proposal "Can not afford it" does not even pay attention. The average time of sale cottage "economy class", which corresponds to the standard requirements of potential buyers and the proposed market value is about 3-4 months. In the past year term exposure was twice as long - eight months. In the "business class" today, the deal can wait about 6-7 months, and in vulgar year - 10 months. Time Exposure "elitki" - from one year. "In 2009, especially in the first quarter, virtually any property can not be bought because everyone was waiting for further price collapse and a clear pricing policy, which was not in the land market and the country real estate", - explains Golovnev.
Experts say that the market is a shortage of finished quality suburban housing. Potential buyers want to buy ready-made housing, while most of the proposals either not been completed, or sold at an inflated price.

"So what kind of demand there, and the proposal is, and there is no agreement between them", - says head of sales of housing in the cottage "Sunbeam" Natalia Shevchenko. However, many developers of cottage settlements related financial obligations and therefore massively reduce the price to a level suitable to the consumer, can not.
The owners of houses located in the satellite city and chaotic buildings are more flexible in this regard. Therefore, their popularity among potential buyers will increase. However, the average price in the market will remain at the same level before at least until spring 2011
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