Market cottage communities is growing due to economy class

26.10.2010 13:35
Real Estate Market Analysis | Market cottage communities is growing due to economy class Innovation in post-crisis in 2009 began to land without having to contract for construction, according to a survey of cottage townships, Kiev region, prepared by "RealEkspo.

Director of consulting company "RealEkspo" (Kiev), Victor Kovalenko told to buy land in the territory of organized cottage towns of Ukraine:
"Now more or less actively bought two kinds of land: either very cheap, in a certain field (because of the financial reach of most people is very limited), or something" intelligible ", with finished largely infrastructure, good locations (and it - beautiful scenery, good ecology, transport accessibility). And with a high probability of conversion of tracts of land in a residential settlement in the near future.

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In some towns the sale of plots required an order for construction work is in the developer, according to the general layout, concept and architecture. The land value does not depend on whether the client will be building a house or through contract. "

The proportion of such sites in the total amount of new supply was 50%.
The largest selection of cottage townships Kiev region (41 town). The minimum cost weave featured in a newly built cottage town "Outdoor Village (387 U.S. $ / weaving) and the maximum price is fixed in the cottage" Pinery "(Obukhovsky District, 65000 U.S. $ / weaving). Among the areas of the Kiev region championship on the number of Obukhov district (12 villages, offering land). Second place in the Makarov Region (9 campuses).

Compared with 2009, the average distance of new projects from the city limits in all areas increased in 2009, most facilities were located at a distance of 15-25 km, in the first half of 2010 - at a distance of 20-40 km.

Because of the crisis has slowed the release of new projects in the elite and business segments. Supply reduction may alter the structure of suburban real estate market: high-quality facilities will take it a smaller share.
Due to the lack of the most liquid of bidding for such facilities will grow faster.

A characteristic feature of 2010 - increasing competition among companies offering to market projects with plots without a contract. Project complements the infrastructure facilities that do not require huge financial investments: construct piers for boating, and viewing platforms, is all lit up, create artificial lakes, etc.
Bright trend of recent months - demand is gradually shifting towards more advanced projects. As noted in "RealEkspo, plots without a contract, are popular, but now buyers are not willing to take part in an open field, as the purpose of buying did not gain a foothold on the ground and begin to explore the territory in the foreseeable future.
The company "RealEkspo" noted that the increased demand of land with a complete package of communications failed; finished townhouses in organized cottage settlements; finished houses with land of 12
Victor Kovalenko
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