Leading real estate markets are showing signs of recovery

12.01.2011 12:22
Real Estate Market Analysis | Leading real estate markets are showing signs of recovery In Canada, France, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK saw an increase in property prices, pointing to the restoration markets. In Japan, Italy and Ireland prices, by contrast, have fallen. Real estate markets of the United States and Germany showed no marked fluctuations in 2010, but their prospects are favorable, says Property Wire.

In the past year, support for real estate markets have historically low interest rates on loans. But taken at the beginning of the year fast pace of recovery of national economies declined in the second half. Terms of loans still remain attractive, but there were no new incentives to buy, too slowly declining unemployment, and growing concern of the population relative to its financial future. All this is likely to cause many potential investors to abandon the acquisition of real estate in the 2011 year. Although in general, the experts said Scotiabank favorable climate for economic growth.

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Experts expect that the property market in Germany in the long term will grow. The main reason - low by European standards, unemployment and high consumer confidence.

In France, the recovery of the housing sector is particularly clearly marked in the III quarter of 2010. On average, inflation-adjusted prices have risen by more than 6%. In Switzerland, the value of the property ranged from 4 to 6%.

But in Spain the average cost of property adjusted for inflation in the third quarter of 2010 was 5,2% lower than a year earlier. In Ireland - twice. Weak domestic demand, oversupply and high unemployment are likely to affect the further decline in prices in these countries in 2011-the year. To continue declining real estate in Italy.

According to experts Scotiabank, the U.S. housing market in 2011 is possible the long-awaited stabilization: the unemployment situation is improving, and interest rates remain low, which affects the increase in demand.


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