Land near Kiev: what they sell and for how much

30.06.2019 00:00
The price of land in the Kiev region over the last year decreased by 10%. Most often they are purchased for the construction of houses or villas. The cost of land in a good place - near a river or lake and not far from the city - starts at $ 1,500 per hundred. Land near Kiev: what they sell and for how much"Vesti" figured out how much the land near Kiev now stands and how much the sellers are ready to give up.

Director of Real Estate Agency "Left Bank" Oksana Suslova said that the number of transactions over the past year has not increased. “It’s very difficult to sell the land. Everyone understands that they don’t buy land for the last money. They also need money to build a house,” she said.

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Many buyers do not want to get involved in the construction, and acquire a finished house or cottage. Land owners are ready to cut prices.

Buy land where there is a river and forest

In the Kiev region about 800 plots per month are sold, according to research by SV Development. “Requests from customers are very different - from $ 200 to $ 5,000 per one hundred square meters. But they all want to purchase plots at a distance of no more than 60 km from Kiev,” says Sergey Stepenko, managing partner of SV Development.

Most often, the land is bought by young families who sell their real estate in Kiev and want to move to their own house in the suburbs. This is due to the fact that the capital is becoming less and less suitable for families with children - there is no place for walks, except along the roads. In most villages near Kiev, the younger generation has the opportunity to play in the yard, play football in the meadows with their peers and swim in a river or lake all summer. Therefore, the proximity of the river, lake or forest - an important requirement when choosing a site.

Village in the trend: what kind of cottage and for how much you can buy near Kiev

Time to get to the house outside the city can take as much as from one area of ​​the city to another. Buyers prefer the villages, located next to good high-speed roads - Zhytomyr, Boryspil and Odessa, says Oksana Suslova. “It’s convenient to get to your house via them,” she explains.

Some buyers, says Sergey Stepenko, wish to purchase land in a cottage settlement, where there is security, a service organization and infrastructure facilities common to all homes: cafes, shops and kindergartens. In the villages rarely sell finished houses.

“There is no sense in building the same buildings - the buyers are not interested. Therefore, they are usually offered to choose one of 10–15 options,” says Sergey Stepenko. But this option is chosen only by those buyers who have up to $ 100 thousand in their pockets for the purchase of a site and the construction of a building.

The bulk of buyers act differently, explains Oksana Suslova. They acquire a plot for $ 20 thousand and plan to spend the same amount on building a house.

“The construction begins, and then it turns out that these funds are very small. And then people borrow, look for funds, but still want to finish the basic work,” she says. As a rule, it is possible to complete all the household and home plot work only 5–10 years after the start of construction.

Land prices have dropped 10 times

Land becomes cheaper faster than other types of real estate - apartments or houses. Since the crisis of 2008, housing has dropped by an average of two times, and land - 10 times, says Oksana Suslova. This trend continues, and over the past year prices have dropped by another 10%.

Traditionally, the cheapest areas are distant from Kiev: Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky ($ 475 per hundred square meters), Baryshevsky ($ 492) and Fastovsky ($ 509). The most expensive is considered Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district ($ 2056 per hundred).

And the demand for expensive sites is. Realtors interviewed by Vesti say that they regularly receive requests to search for land at $ 10–15 thousand per one hundred square meters in the Koncha-Zaspa area. Most customers are interested in options with very large discounts. For example, at a market value of $ 1500, they are ready to buy land for $ 500 per hundred. But sellers are not ready for significant concessions and took a wait-and-see attitude.

Until the end of this year, no major changes in the land market will be observed, believes Sergei Stepenko. "Prices and demand will be stable. These trends will be characteristic of other areas of real estate," the expert predicts.

What to look for when buying land

Ukrainians who want to buy land, Vice-President of the Association of professional property managers Anatoly Topal recommends not to hurry. "Most buyers make the same mistakes. They primarily pay attention to the location of the land and its price, but do not delve into the nuances," he says.

One of the main nuances is the presence of communications on the site. In many areas of the Kiev region there are big problems with electricity, and often there is no possibility to connect to the existing communications "on the street". In this case, says Anatoly Topal, buyers of land have to build their own small substation, which costs up to 250 thousand UAH. Such costs are often a surprise to site owners.

Before buying a land plot, you need to study its entire history from the moment it was allocated to the first owner. It is very often possible to find violations, especially in the process of changing the target use of a plot, for example, when transferring agricultural land for development. This is fraught with problems. When issuing permits for the construction of a house, it may turn out that it is prohibited to carry out any work on the site. And the solution to this problem will have to deal with the new owner.

Potential landowner is better to consult a geologist before signing the contract of sale. The specialist will tell you how deep the groundwater is located and what their quality is. It may turn out that it will be necessary to beat the well by 90–100 meters, and the cost of such work is 300–350 UAH for each meter. And the water may be of poor quality.

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