Kievans flocked to the suburbs

05.05.2008 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Kievans flocked to the suburbs According to Director General, Academy of Sciences Alliance Brock Andrei Sokurov, a marked increase in demand not new apartment in the suburbs is observed from mid-February. The main reason for this has been an attractive price. As already reported, last fall, the cost of housing in the satellite town almost collapsed. Used apartments here are much cheaper than in the capital. According to analyst company SV Development Dmitry Posokhova, from Kiev, reshivshiysya to purchase real estate in the suburbs, can save money on each box, from 400 dollars up to 1,5 thousand dollars very same quality of housing is often higher than Troyeschina or Borshchagovka, and his choice of wide enough. Thank for this to developers - a lot of them erected in recent years real estate has been transferred to the category of secondary housing (in many satellite towns the proportion of objects up to 50% of all sold flats).

The fact that the hype created behalf of the residents of the capital, confirmed by realtors. According to them, the percentage of Kiev for buyers of resale properties are significantly higher than the local residents or visitors from the regions. Experts note that the most popular cherry, Brovary, Boryspil, Toompea, Kotsyubinskoe, Irpin Boyarka, Nick and Ukrainka. This is facilitated by good public transport links with the capital and relatively developed infrastructure.

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The undeniable advantage of real estate in the suburbs is its small footage. Typically, the total area of ??one-bedroom apartment in a new less than 40 square meters. m, and two-bedroom is in the range of 60-70 square meters. m, which significantly reduces costs. Also homes here are rarely above the ninth floor, which allows to equip them with autonomous heating system and water supply.

As noted by a representative of the consulting company "Atlant And Irina Menzheres if a year ago, the most popular among buyers of secondary housing were one-room apartments of 45 square meters. m. today in the lead-room (they are interested in about 40% of customers). Most of the deals done with the assistance of bank loans, "says Andrew Sokur, quite naturally, because the monthly payments on a loan taken for 20 years at the very low-cost housing, is around 700 dollars, which is only 200 dollars more than the rent for similar apartments in Kiev (450-500 dollars). Most buyers are taking a loan of 60-70% of property value, usually for a maximum period of time.

Realtors say that the owners of a suburban housing are beginning to respond to increased demand and gradually increase the price. However, while this is not to scare away potential customers, especially when you consider that the secondary housing to the satellite towns are all the same does not hold up to 15-20% last year.

The minimum cost of a one-room apartment (32 square meters. M) in the most popular among buyers Brovarakh is 65 thousand dollars A yedinichku total area of ??46 sq. m in monolithic frame house has already cost 100 thousand dollars approximately the same number would cost a small "kopeck piece in the standard Brovarskyi block. Prices for two bedroom apartments are located within 130-190 thousand dollars

Second and third place in popularity divide cherry and understand that. Here, the value of used housing is steadily approaching the capital indicators. Today Gostinka in Borispol sold 60-70 thousand dollars, two-bedroom apartments are estimated at least 95 thousand dollars in Cherry Gostinka offer for 80 thousand dollars, one-Khrushchev - for 90-100 thousand dollars

In Ukrainka, according to analysts, sellers of real estate openly exploit the citizens love to reservoirs - people like to live on the banks of the Dnieper. In addition to this settlement to the metro station Vydubychi in Kiev some half-hour bus ride. The cost of one-bedroom apartment starts here with a $ 55 thousand, but to find two-bedroom to $ 100 thousand less difficult.

Relatively high prices for secondary housing in Irpen, according to experts, due to its status as a resort town. Here, as, indeed, in Kotsyubinskoe of capital are good transport connections. Nevertheless Gostinka total area of ??28 square meters. m in a brick house here can be purchased for 50 thousand dollars-bedroom apartments start from 85 thousand dollars, three rooms are in the range 120-170 thousand dollars

From Chabanov or Vyshgorod to Kiev is much closer, but the "Ones" are sold for 80 thousand dollars if they are in a relatively new home and there to make quality repairs, we will have to shell out 100 thousand dollars has already Prices for two-bedroom apartments start from 80 th dollars, two-bedroom would cost 130 thousand dollars

Realtors predict that if the present demand for the cost of housing in the cities of the satellite will resume its growth and during the summer will rise by another 10-15%.
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