Kievan lands went in dressing

02.04.2008 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Kievan lands went in dressing The fact that the metropolitan province of the primary land market may be buried before lifting the moratorium on land sales, experts Gomkomzema warned a year ago. But rislushivatsya to the specialists' opinion there was no time - the earth are divided ...

Dodelilis to what has been even bigger players in the property market can not find a free piece of land for building on its "primary". Leo Partskhaladze recently complained that his company zemlyupod building cottage towns have to buy at the "secondary housing. And there, by the way, land prices are changing almost every day. Here, for example, according to consulting company SV Development, from 10 to 16 March the average land cost near Kiev has increased by 0.48%, or $ 29 per hundred square meters. From 17 to March 23 - still at 0,2% (plus another $ 12). On average, weaving in the Kiev region today is from 6113 dollars.

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That's an average ... And, in fact - the official price. Do not forget that still exists and informal. SBU here recently said the exposure of the head of one of village councils Vyshgorodskiy region. He was arrested red-handed while receiving a bribe for allocation of land. For every one hundred square meters elected by the people's head like not a lot is not enough ... 10,000 in U.S. currency.

More examples? Take the first-encountered advertising edition. In Borispol district, in the village per cent, sold 150 hectares of land ... social purpose. Do not be afraid of earmarking. As practice shows, this is not a problem for our nation as a whole, and for the Capital Region in particular. The same is confirmed by the prosecutor of the Kiev region, after a recent regional audit activities in the land sector. The situation with the observance of legislation in the sphere of land relations and became a subject of discussion at an enlarged meeting of the Board of Public Prosecutions.

- Conducted by law enforcement and regulatory bodies of work on prevention, detection and investigation of violations in the sphere of land relations is inadequate to the sabbath, which happened and is happening with the land in the area - said the prosecutor of the Kiev region, Alexander Gardetsky.

According to him, the most common and widespread phenomenon is the adoption by public authorities and local self-government of illegal decisions on land allocation schemes: unknown - whether acquired a city in the region or area of ??the city. " Under such schemes, large areas of land allocated horticultural associations whose members are the students or the people who came to Kiev and walk along Khreschatyk. These individuals write the application for the land, and at the same time - by the abandonment of these sites for it, 150-200 UAH.

Thus, the prosecution appealed the orders of the head of Borispol district state administration on the approval of land management projects on allotment of land with total area of ??286 hectares of garden number of associations, as well as similar orders of the heads of the Obukhov, Kiev Sviatoshynsky areas. The prosecutor Brovarskoy district instituted criminal proceedings against members of the garden community "Rodzinka" who committed the forgery, making a list of association members 120 "students and people with Khreshchatyk. This partnership qualify for 19 hectares of land.

Another of the most common violations - unlawful decision on the allocation of land plots which are already in use or ownership. According to A. Gardetskogo, in some areas (in particular, Boryspil, Obukhov, Kiev Svyatoshinsky) is very common practice when a plot of land has two and sometimes three public act of ownership or use. So, against officials Makarov district administration and district land offices opened a criminal investigation into the illicit transfer of ownership of a 12-frontman individuals of land with total area of ??23 hectares, while this area was in constant use of one of the farm area.

Against officials of the Obukhov district management of land resources investigation, three criminal cases on the abuses and excesses. One of these cases - the transfer of nine citizens to private ownership of land with total area of ??30 hectares on the territory of the village council Starobezradichevskogo without removal of the previous land user to whom the land was leased in 2004.

Major land resource management do not provide a state examination properly, resulting in gross violation of the dates - rather than statutory 20 working days, the procedure is delayed up to three months. "This gives grounds to assume that office the person creating the conditions for committing crimes selfish", - said the prosecutor.

Quite a few claims from the prosecution and the work of the State Land Cadastre, the officials are "often turn to crime and abuse." One of the leaders LLC "Land cadastral office has received in the Obukhov district office 124 sets of blank forms, acts on the right of private ownership of land and made them known to be false information that 123 citizens of the decision of one of village councils allocated land area of ??0,25 ha. This officer is under arrest, instituted against him and the criminal case.

Another of the most common disorders - removal and change of purpose of forest land. Only during the years 2005-07 in the area of ??lands of state forestry enterprises of Kyiv Regional Department of Forestry and Wildlife Service seized 935 hectares of forest land. Most of these lands seized in the Makarov Area - 384 hectares, Obukhov - 220 ha, Vasilkovskaja - 88 ha, Borispol - 234 ha. Changing the purpose of forest land occurs virtually in every area. In general, the amount of land for forestry purposes has increased in comparison with 2004, however, this was mainly due to Volodarskogo Stavischenskogo, Skvirsky areas, ie areas where forest lands are not as attractive. At the same time, in areas near Kiev (especially - Makarov, Obukhov, Baryshevsky) the forest area only decreased.

Thus, one of village councils Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky District has given permission for 185 people gathering documentation for the registration of the transfer to private ownership of 0.99 ha for subsidiary farming, making a total of 183 hectares of forest land. This decision was protested by the prosecutor's office, protest satisfied.

Donated by the prosecutor and the officials managing the use and protection of land in Kiev and Kiev region. "Despite the proliferation of the facts of granting land plots large areas on a single array of front men, the management measures applied only to eliminate violations of these parcels of land by controlling the weeds. At the same time, the legal assessment of the legality of their removal is not given. This suggests that management conducts a formal inspection and do not always adequately respond to the violations of the law "- officials castigated the prosecutor. Does not keep the same unit and combat squatting land. As of March this year in the field illegally seized about 2 hectares of land, but the criminal cases filed, only two.

Particular attention is paid A. Gardetsky concerning illegal construction of houses and other buildings - parking lots, cafes - in protected areas and gas pipelines, highways, electrical networks. To date, the area recorded 310 such facts. He urged prosecutors to evaluate the actions of authorities, which issued the permit for such work, and respond accordingly. In general, following an audit carried out by prosecutors in 2007 to charges brought against 38 officers, 258 met the protests made the illegal decision on the disposal of land. Instituted 49 criminal cases in the sphere of land relations, 11 of them were sent to the courts. But, unfortunately, only seven were taken judicial decisions, including two - convictions. "And that's all it is - the wind chasing", - says Alexander Gardetsky.

Within three months of this year, prosecutors amounted to 17 minutes of acts of corruption in land relations. In this case, virtually all of these protocols were stacked against low-ranking officials. "Gentlemen, prosecutors, face to the fight against corrupt senior officials, in particular, deal with regulatory agencies - why they do nothing?" - Appealing to the subordinate prosecutor of the region.

Frankly, I would like to prosecutor chased the lands of the capital region, not only the wind. It is clear also that the alienation of land, change of purpose can not crank out without the assistance of local governments and responsible officials. Of course, proceeding from the fact that in previous elections for local councils in the capital region's electorate gave preference to "heart" brotherhood, the power to village councils and district council is in the hands of the BYuT. The conclusion suggests a very mixed ...
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