Kiev apartments at a price you can buy excellent accommodation abroad

31.08.2010 09:51
Real Estate Market Analysis | Kiev apartments at a price you can buy excellent accommodation abroad Many homeowners attended a thought to change its "Khrushchev" or "socket" for apartments anywhere in Cyprus.

Hard to think of an explanation than the two-bedroom apartment on Troyeschina best two bedroom apartments (two bedrooms plus one lounge) with sea views, private beach and pool, located in Egypt. Or why the studio "Khrushev" Podol more expensive apartments in the new complex (which includes two swimming pools, garden, fitness club, sauna, golf course) in Turkey, located 500 meters from the sea? Foreign real estate is readily available Ukrainian middle class. And many of its representatives prefer to benefit from the crisis that collapsed housing prices not only in Ukraine.

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According to a representative of the international development company Asem Construction in Ukraine Gennady Kupchina, the process of purchasing housing in Turkey is registered separately for locals and foreigners. Any Turks can complete a purchase within one day, while non-residents after a deposit of 5-8% of the purchase price is given a month to think about. If the buyer changes his mind, the money returned to him, and if not, he should make an even 80-85% of the cost, and documents sent to the War Department in Ishmael. When it comes to resolution of the military, the buyer pays the remainder of the cost of an apartment and gets right to the property. Property Price averages? 900 per square meter, which is 40-45% cheaper than pre-crisis indicators.

According to the Research Center for Global Property Guide, in Turkey the average income from the lease is 5.48% with the potential for further growth, especially in Istanbul. The average level of rental income in Turkey is higher than in Italy (5.04%), France (3.85%), Spain (3.81%) and Portugal (3.63%). In the country operates a mortgage up to 70% for up to 20 years.

Wanting to buy a home in the European Union might be interested in Bulgaria, where the price of the property are the lowest among European countries. During the housing crisis in the country has fallen in price by 20-25% depending on the region. The main demand is for cheap housing. According to realtors, given the 10-15-percent difference between the bid and the transaction price, the Bulgarian housing there is still much cheaper. The average price of housing in Bulgaria is? 1,2 thousand per sqm It should be noted that ownership of property in Bulgaria opens a Bulgarian visa.

Most Popular

Ukrainians do not mind to buy a property abroad, but preference is given to those countries that are most loyal to credit conditions and good prospects for rental housing.

Leading position in the structure of preferences of Ukrainians took Italy (up 38% of real estate deals abroad.) According to the director of international agencies, foreign real estate DEC Property Alexandra Tarchenko, Italian banks and developers offer a pretty attractive mortgage terms and installment payments. Thus, bank credit is up to 80% of the total value of the property and granted for a period of 5, 10 or more years. Interest rates on loans range from 5-7%, when choosing a fixed rate, and 3,5-4% of the variable. Average amount of purchases in this country is? 120 thousand, and average price per square meter - more? 4 thousand Keep in mind that buying property in Italy does not entitle a residence permit. It can be obtained either through marriage with a resident of Italy, or to organize business.

Ukrainians do not mind to buy a property abroad, but preference is given to those countries in which the most loyal credit conditions

Second place in popularity among Ukrainians is, oddly enough, Hungary (up 14.5% of transactions). According Tarchenko, investors, the country attracts those that purchased an apartment can be leased, getting up to 20% per annum on the investment. Foreigners have the right to acquire any land and property, except agricultural land. Plus, the country the minimum real estate taxes.

For example, a one-time tax is paid within one year after the transaction. On the flats it ranges from 2 to 6%, depending on the cost, with new apartments before? 120 thousand tax exempt. At home, land and other property - 10% of property value. If the acquired land and built a house on it for four years, the owner is exempt from paying 10% tax. Average price per square meter is ? 1.5 thousand

Third place in popularity among compatriots took the property in Spain (up 13% of transactions). Average purchase price in this country is ? 130.5 thousand popularity of Spain, primarily due to favorable mortgage terms for the Ukrainians.

Borrower a non-resident as a resident of the country can get a loan for 10-30 years at a rate of 50-70% of the appraised value of the property under 5-5,5% per annum with the possibility of early redemption.

The financial crisis has helped reduce the cost by 40% per square meter of housing in Spain. And most likely, the trend to lower prices will last. The fact that the country has a serious surplus of housing. For example, only last year was built around 390 thousand new homes, and sold just over 220 thousand Experts estimate that the market in general surplus of housing is about 1 million homes. At the same housing in Spain is overvalued, according to various estimates, 40-55%.

The slowdown in the fall

Rarely in some countries there have been no reduction in price of housing per square meter. One of the leaders of the reduction in housing prices began to United Arab Emirates (60%) and USA (50%). Current year promises to realtors all over the world for at least slowing cheaper and a maximum of stabilization or a slight increase.

Among the first countries that could in 2010 claim the rise in housing square meter - Cyprus. Despite the crisis, in Limassol last year was recorded the transaction at the highest price per square meter for the whole history of Cyprus -? 28 thousand However, it is more the exception than the rule.

Among the first countries that could in 2010 claim the rise in housing square meter - Cyprus

On average Cypriot housing market has fallen in price in the range of 10-12%. Now prices in many regions and are stabilized? 1,6-1,8 yew. sq.m. Thus, over? 55 thousand you can buy single apartment of 53 sq.m. townhouse in a ten minute drive from the beach in Peyia (Cyprus). There are also more attractive proposition. For example, in Limassol, buy apartments, located 300 meters from the beach, it is possible for the ? 100 thousand
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