January housing market: prices go down

31.01.2011 10:47
Real Estate Market Analysis | January housing market: prices go down Total number of transactions in the apartments on the secondary housing market Kiev in January declined. But it is traditional for the season situation. But the prices, compared with January 2010, this season fell to 8-10%.

Thus, one-room apartment in the capital in January offered an average of $ 37-40 thousand, while a year ago, the offer price was $ 50 thousand and above, says League.

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A slight recovery in the market, realtors associated with mortgage lending. "This trend will be accompanied by the entire 2011. Today, some banks offer sufficiently attractive terms of credit," - said General Director of the Academy of Sciences Blagovest Irina Lukhanin.

In January this year, realtors to conduct transactions with dokreditovaniem "second home. However, for most Ukrainians mortgage is still overwhelming. "And expect that things will change - no preconditions" - the director of "Planet of Obolon Vitaly kitten.

The buyer goes into the new building

In the new year continued a trend begun in November-December 2010. Buyers interested in apartments in new buildings with a maximum availability, and preferably with the documents.

"Having the $ 50-70 thousand, people are more willing to go to the market finished new building than to the secondary market", - told the realtor, a member of the Irina ASNU Kilkee.

"Price-meter in the primary market is quite cheap: 8 - 8,5 UAH. And so buyers are in the new building. Any" Khrushev "worth more. However, purchased mostly finished house with the documents" - added Kotenko.

According to representatives of the market, to the State's support for the construction industry plays into the hands of developers. Buyers are beginning to return to the primary housing market and less afraid of risks.

"Those developers who were willing to house the documents, nearly all sold out. But those who are now starting construction, mortgage rates of 9 UAH. Despite all the promises of the government," - said the deputy director of the Academy of Sciences Alliance Brock Sergei Podgorny.

Prices and demand in the minus

Prices for the month of December on the secondary housing market have not changed much. "Business activity is small, and that's why the price jumps or falls was not" - said analyst Andrew ASNU Gusel'nikov.

"The market for second homes are now in serious condition. For $ 35-37 thousand people are willing to give one-bedroom apartments," - said I. Kilkee.

Director of Planet Obolon Kotenko said that prices in December on the secondary market have fallen by an average of 1-1,5%. But whoever wants to sell, deduct all of 10-15%. Demand is not very active, but it seasonally.

According to the realtor, the minimum cost "Gostinka in Kiev today is $ 37-38 thousand, a complete one-bedroom apartment will cost $ 40-45 per thousand

"When compared with January 2010, prices fell by 8-10%. So, last year, one-bedroom apartment for less than $ 50 thousand was difficult to find" - said Kotenko.

"In January of this year transactions primarily took place in the segment of $ 40-45 thousand Resellers sell for $ 60-65 thousand," - said the director of the Academy of Sciences of United meta Anton Borisenko.

In the Blagovest January 2011 called for a very active season this month. "From the January 7-8, began treatment of clients in the company views the negotiations. Of course, prevail, as well as for the whole year 2010, requests and transactions in the economy segment (worth up to $ 100 thousand).

However, in January this year showed a significant increase in demand for items priced from $ 250 to $ 400 thousand in this category include the 3.4 room apartment in Pechersk, Goloseyevsky (center) areas, "Obolonskyi Limes" - said I. Lukhanin.


Rental housing in the first month of the year, too, are not very active.

"Few people planning to travel in the month of January. But if we compare the demand for rental this January from the previous year, the activity more," - said the director of marketing for "SV Development" Vladimir Stepenko.


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