Interest in the cottage towns Reborn

15.11.2010 11:40
Real Estate Market Analysis | Interest in the cottage towns Reborn Phasing out of the country from the crisis in the past summer months, and in September-October, is clearly pleased with the developers. If at the beginning of the season dealt with the anticipation of growth in the number of transactions, it now possible to ascertain the justification for these expectations. Moreover, observed as an increase in requests for all objects, and the number of actual transactions. Revived interest in all the villages: and to those who are just in the early stages of construction, and to those who have the final construction phase.

According to estimates and projections of developers, to suburban real estate market in 2011 and further dramatic improvements will not be, but the deterioration is not expected. Demand for holiday homes has always been and will be, and it is stable. During the crisis period, the developers have focused on the realization and completion of existing projects. For example, in "Maetok, believe that the main problem - and not just in times of crisis - not to disappoint the trust and expectations, so the developer to concentrate on more careful study of the settlements that already exist.

If we speak about towns in the luxury segment and the premium class, such as "Maetok", "Sun Valley", during the season, especially the value of objects does not change, moreover, these settlements have experienced last year with virtually no loss, the demand was even over 2009, and now he is again increasing.

Moreover in the market are constantly emerging new members, guided by well-known principle of "well, where we do not! But His Majesty the market will adjust everything, and the balance will remain. A large developers healthy competition - always spurs to development and growth. Developers have to work on the creation of any bonus programs. So there are new ideas and concepts settlements.

According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, additional discounts, another way to interested buyers. Financial incentives to individual agreement - a common practice, both for country and for the urban market. In some cases, the discount is the last argument for the adoption of positive customer solutions. "

Another bonus - it is after-sales service. In these villages provide the entire service. It is the work of designers and architects, interior and exterior of homes, landscaping, engineering and communications at home and on the site, construction of small architectural forms, the care of the site, assist in recruitment and more.

To make life for the city was comfortable, someone needs to create and maintain a comfortable suburban life. For such purposes in a cottage village operates the management company. The quality and quantity of services provided by residents, is directly related to the contractual obligations assumed by the management company. In the towns just round the clock security.

Buy a house - now it is profitable!
Victor Kovalenko said: "To acquire housing now, even beneficial, because we can all safely weigh, calculate the necessary information and the maximum discount. That is, there is time to prepare a deal: legally, practically and technically. In the rush for it is almost impossible, because no one wants to wait, and they all want to sell. "
Victor Kovalenko
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